Looking to unlock the secrets of sushi? Look no further than the ‘2 Hours Sushi Class,’ a unique workshop that promises to indulge your culinary curiosity.

Operated by Sushi Roll DESIGN Workshop, this immersive experience offers participants the chance to explore the art of crafting traditional Japanese sushi rolls. Led by the skilled sushi chef, Yuki, this class takes place at Makomanai Station in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, providing easy access for both locals and travelers.

What sets this class apart is its flexibility, allowing participants to reserve their spots and pay later, giving them the freedom to plan their schedules accordingly. With a private tour/activity format, attendees can expect an intimate and personalized experience.

Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or simply intrigued by Japanese cuisine, the ‘2 Hours Sushi Class’ guarantees an unforgettable journey into the world of sushi-making.

Quick Takeaways

2 Hours Sushi Class - Quick Takeaways

  • Led by skilled sushi chef, Yuki
  • Workshop duration provides ample time to learn and practice sushi making techniques
  • Participants gain valuable knowledge and practical skills
  • Small class size for personalized and interactive learning

Pricing and Booking

2 Hours Sushi Class - Pricing and Booking

The pricing and booking for the Hours Sushi Class can be easily done online. This gives individuals the freedom to choose their preferred group size and payment options.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you can select the group size option that suits your needs. The class offers flexible payment options, allowing you to reserve your spot while staying flexible with your payment. This ensures that you have the freedom to plan your schedule accordingly.

Meeting and Pickup

2 Hours Sushi Class - Meeting and Pickup

To facilitate a seamless experience, participants of the Hours Sushi Class can easily arrange a meeting and pickup with Yuki, the instructor, either by heading directly to the designated meeting point at Makomanai Station or by requesting a convenient pickup service at Makomanai subway station. This ensures that participants have flexibility and options when it comes to transportation availability. Below is a table outlining the pickup options and meeting point details:

Pickup Options Meeting Point
Head directly to meeting point Makomanai Station, Makomanai, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 005-0861, Japan
Request pickup service Makomanai subway station

Yuki will be waiting for the participants inside the station, ready to guide them to the sushi class. Plus, the pickup service at Makomanai subway station allows for added convenience. This way, participants can focus on enjoying the experience without worrying about transportation logistics.

End Point and Details

Participants of the Hours Sushi Class can expect the activity to end back at the meeting point, Makomanai Station. This ensures convenience for those who may have other plans or transportation arrangements after the workshop.

The workshop duration is designed to provide participants with ample time to learn and practice sushi making techniques. Operated by the Sushi Roll DESIGN Workshop, this class offers a comprehensive and hands-on experience in the art of sushi making.

Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to learn the basics, this workshop caters to all levels of expertise. By the end of the class, you will have gained valuable knowledge and practical skills that they can apply in their own sushi-making endeavors.

What To Expect

2 Hours Sushi Class - What To Expect

Upon arrival at the Hours Sushi Class, participants can expect an immersive and hands-on experience in the art of sushi making. The activity duration of the class is typically three hours, providing ample time for individuals to learn and practice the techniques involved in creating delicious sushi rolls.

The class size is kept small, allowing for a more personalized and interactive learning environment. This ensures that participants receive individual attention and guidance from the instructor, enhancing their understanding and skill development. The small class size also allows for a more intimate setting, promoting a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some prior experience in sushi making, the Hours Sushi Class offers a unique opportunity to expand your culinary knowledge and enjoy the freedom of creating your own sushi masterpieces.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the Hours Sushi Class is straightforward and applies to all participants.

If a participant cancels their reservation at least 24 hours in advance, they’ll receive a full refund. However, if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start time, no refund will be available.

It’s important to note that no changes to the reservation can be accepted within 24 hours of the start time. These cut-off times are based on the local time.

The implications of this policy are that participants need to make any changes or cancellations well in advance to avoid losing their payment. In case of unexpected circumstances, participants may consider alternatives such as finding someone else to take their place or rescheduling their reservation for a later date.


2 Hours Sushi Class - Directions

To find the Hours Sushi Class, participants can head directly to the meeting point at Makomanai Station or request a pickup service. Makomanai Station is located in Makomanai, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. It’s a well-known local landmark and easily accessible by public transportation.

For those who prefer not to navigate on their own, a pickup service is available at the subway station. Yuki, the instructor, will be waiting inside the station to guide and assist participants. The pickup service can also be used for transportation to and from the workshop.

Whether participants choose to make their own way to the meeting point or opt for the pickup service, they can enjoy the freedom of selecting their preferred transportation option.

Common questions

2 Hours Sushi Class - Common questions

What Is the Duration of the Sushi Class?

The duration of the sushi class varies depending on the class format. Participants can expect an informative and hands-on experience while learning the art of sushi making.

Do I Need Any Prior Cooking Experience to Participate in the Sushi Class?

No prior cooking experience is required to participate in the sushi class. The class is designed to accommodate beginners and teach them basic cooking skills and sushi techniques.

Are Ingredients and Utensils Provided During the Sushi Class?

Ingredients and utensils are provided during the sushi class. Participants can expect everything they need to create their own sushi rolls. The workshop ensures a hassle-free experience with all necessary tools and ingredients readily available.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement to Join the Sushi Class?

There is no specific information regarding a minimum age requirement or age restrictions for joining the sushi class. It is recommended to contact the workshop operator, Sushi Roll DESIGN Workshop, for more details.

Can I Take Home the Sushi That I Make During the Class?

Yes, participants can take home any sushi they make during the class. They can also bring home any leftovers. It’s a great way to enjoy their creations and continue the sushi experience at home.

The Sum Up

2 Hours Sushi Class - The Sum Up

To sum it up, the ‘2 hours sushi class’ offers a unique and immersive experience for individuals interested in learning the art of sushi-making.

With the flexibility to reserve spots and pay later, participants can plan their schedules accordingly.

The class is led by an experienced sushi chef, ensuring a hands-on and interactive experience.

Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or simply curious about Japanese cuisine, this class promises an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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