Capsule Hotels: A True Japanese Culture Experience

Extremely cheap Rooms In Tokyo

Capsule Hotels Japan: A True Japanese Culture Experience designed for short-term stays. These Extremely cheap Rooms In Tokyo are a Great solution for anyone looking with a tight budget.


The target market for these places are Japanese office workers late for their last train home, and locals on a short business trip or a holiday.That’s why they are also a fascinating peep into life in the Japanese culture.

Capsule rooms became very popular among foreign travelers thanks to extremely low rates.

The Basics Of Capsule Rooms

capsule_hotels2 Each guest gets a small sleeping space (capsule) that looks like an Airplane cockpit.

The Capsule includes a TV, radio, alarm clock and adjustable lighting.

There is enough space for personal items like cell phone and books, larger stuff will have to be stored in a locker outside the capsules.
You can sit up and read, or lie down and watch TV.

Some Capsules offer Wireless Internet connection in the lounge, and computers that can be used, free of charge.
bathing space is shared.

The open side of the capsule is shut by a curtain or a screen. That’s why capsules offer separate floors for men and women guests.

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Best Capsule Rooms In Tokyo

Shinjuku Kuyakushomae Capsule-from $40

shinjuku-kuyakusho-mae-capsule-hotel This Capsule is Close to Shinjuku station. The capsule has a radio / TV and an alarm clock. If the locker is too small for your luggage, the front desk will store it for you. The shared bathroom is Japanese style, with a sauna and a pool.

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Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule-from $40

green-plaza-shinjuku-capsule-hotel Location is right in the red light district, but very safe. It is not far from Shinjuku station, so lots of bars and restaurants to choose from.The capsule itself provides more privacy than staying in a hostel.

The bathing area is communal and includes a pool and a sauna.

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