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Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

This lovely show of the Sakura (cherry) festival only lasts a week, from the first bud until the rain of petals. You are in a catch-22. You cannot wait to see how the weather turns out; waiting until the last minute will prevent you from booking airline tickets and making hotel reservations! Booking way in advance, the only way to ensure your place, will not guarantee you fulfilling your dream, as the weather can suddenly change and affect the blossom.

So the only solution is to go ahead and book your tickets. Then pray. And prepare alternate touring options for watching Japan blossom season 2016 outside of Tokyo.

Hundreds of trees blossoming together make a spectacular sight.

Previous Years Date comparison of Japanese Cherry Blossom:

In 2015: Cherry Blossom flowers have begun to bloom in Tokyo three days earlier than expected, on March 23rd.
In 2014, cherry blossoms in Tokyo began on March 30th.
In 2013, the cherry blossom festival in Tokyo tricked everyone – although expected at the end of March, buds were noticed on March 16th – seven days ahead of the schedule predicted by the reliable weather forecaster, Weathermap. This was due to the atypical warmer weather experienced at the beginning of March. Within ten days it is all over, causing great disappointment to many tourists who came especially to Tokyo.

What you need to know about Sakura Blossom Japan 2016

• Cherry Blossom Trees will bloom overnight as late as the start of April, or as early as mid-March. Thus, a two-week-plus gap exists.

The trees begin to shed their flowers a mere seven days later.

• Blossoms will appear later in April when Tokyo experiences a colder winter.

• Thankfully, the cherry trees do not all bloom on the same day. Trees in sunny areas will bloom earlier than those receiving less sunlight, giving us some viewing flexibility.

• The official opening of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo is declared after careful analysis of the trees in the Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo.

As a way of consolation for those who miss the Japanese cherry blossom season 2016 in Tokyo, there is a beautiful scene to enjoy at the very end; cherry blossom flower petals forming a most elegant tapestry-like carpet – it’s a lovely photo op.

What to Do if your Timing for Cherry Blossom Schedule 2016 Japan was Wrong

There’s no reason for you to worry about missing Cherry Blossom any More! I’ve gathered all the questions you asked me about timing your visit and my answers to you into one place…

Cherry Blossom Festival Tokyo Essentials

As you may have suspected, this Blossom phase is the most desired time to visit Japan. It’s a major holiday, with Japanese citizens traveling and partying, joined by tourists worldwide, all converging into Tokyo. Clearly, all public transportation will be swarming, with accommodations of all kinds at a premium.

The only way to assure your presence is to book tickets way ahead, as early as the fall.

Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Top Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

Partying needs no explanation – this is the time to relax, mingle, eat and drink. Do be cautious, celebrating with the Japanese will find it difficult to stay sober.

Special Cherry Blossom Day Trips from Tokyo and in Tokyo: Our fabulous tours are enhanced by the Cherry Blossom. An added bonus is that the trees in areas outside of Tokyo usually flower a week or two earlier or later than those in Tokyo. You can either have a ‘second helping’ or race there if you missed the first show!
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Picnics are the best way to appreciate the sakura blossom japan 2015 Blossoms. Picnics galore dot the parks, and you may be invited to join – more fun than planning your own. Bring some good hot Sake or other delicious food and you will be a welcome guest. Don’t worry about the language barrier; Communicating with a few Japanese words you learn in advance and lots of hand motions just add to all the fun.
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Nighttime lighting is a spectacular sight – check out the Imperial Palace and the Japanese Gardens for a visual treat.

The Sumida River promenade, near Asakusa, is another venue perfect for imbibing the sight of Cherry-Blossoms; lace up some good walking shoes and enjoy a peaceful, lovely promenade, as well as the Sumida Park.

Rent a paddle boat in Ueno Park and sail along while viewing the blooms.
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More than a thousand trees in one place – the Yasukuni Jinja Shrine has over a thousand, and there is value in magnitude! As can be expected, the area is packed with peddlers, shops, and people!

Indulge your sweet tooth with an amazing Japanese dessert. You will find many Wagashi-type cakes, decorated to resemble cherry blossom flowers. Just photograph them before your first bite! Available in many locations, they are most prevalent in Ginza Tokyo.
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