Earthquakes in Japan are very common. A Japan Earthquake occurs almost daily in one part of the country or another, and magnitudes of four to six on the Richter scale are very common.

How To Protect Yourself In Case Of A Japan Earthquake

How to protect yourself during a Tokyo earthquake

In the event of an earthquake in Japan, it’s wise to take precautions-

  • Turn off anything that might cause a fire.
  • Open a door or window as a means of escape.
  • Use a pillow to protect your head.
  • Crouch under a table or something solid.
  • Do not use the elevator. Always use emergency exit stairs.
  • If you are outside, try to find an open space, away from falling glass, walls, or trees.
  • Protect your head with your handbag.

Japan Earthquake Tsunami Risks


Earthquake In Tokyo Guide

A Japan Earthquake occurs almost daily in one part of the country or another, causing slight shaking of buildings.

A Major earthquake in Japan occurs rarely. The most famous earthquake Japan experienced before 2011 was the 1923 earthquake, in which 130,000 people died.

Since the 1923 earthquake, Japan has become a world leader in research and information on the causes and prediction of earthquakes. Japan’s advanced research and technology have enabled the building of skyscrapers in Tokyo.

The large number of victims in this Earthquake cannot be blamed on a lack of preparation in Japan. Tsunami waves wiped anything in their way.

The Japanese are prepared for Earthquakes more than any other country in the world. Every Japanese child knows exactly what to do in case of an earthquake. Japan is also equipped for a tsunami.
Japan has concrete walls and dams along its shores, but the 10-meter waves of the Tsunami in Japan washed these walls away.

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