Feel Yokohama! Private Tour in English invites travelers to embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting city of Yokohama, Japan. This immersive tour provides a unique opportunity to discover the vibrant culture and breathtaking sights of this bustling metropolis.

With the freedom to customize the itinerary and explore at their own pace, participants can truly make the most of their time in Yokohama. Whether exploring the lively streets of ChinaTown, marveling at the stunning night view, or indulging in mouthwatering local cuisine, this tour promises an unforgettable experience.

From famous film locations to charming shopping streets, every corner of Yokohama holds hidden gems waiting to be discovered. With convenient hotel pickup, delectable food and drinks, and a knowledgeable guide, Feel Yokohama! Private Tour in English ensures a seamless and memorable adventure in this captivating city.

Quick Takeaways

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Quick Takeaways

  • Free cancellation available up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund
  • Reserve now and pay later, keeping your travel plans flexible
  • Experience the deep taste of the largest ChinaTown in Japan
  • Explore various attractions often used as locations for films and TV dramas

Activity Details and Flexibility

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Activity Details and Flexibility

The tour offers flexibility and detailed information about the activities available in Yokohama. One of the benefits of flexible travel plans is the ability to make changes or cancel reservations up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. This allows travelers to adapt their itinerary according to their preferences or unforeseen circumstances.

Another important aspect to consider when planning a tour is the duration of the activities. The tour provides information about the duration of each activity, which is helpful for travelers to plan their schedule effectively. It ensures that they’ve enough time to fully experience each activity without feeling rushed.

Highlights of Yokohama

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Highlights of Yokohama

Explore the deep taste of Japan’s largest Chinatown and indulge in delicious dishes at Yokohama’s beautiful night view, either by walking or taking a boat.

Yokohama at night offers a vibrant and enchanting atmosphere with its illuminated streets and waterfront. As you stroll through the streets, you might recognize some familiar sights, as Yokohama has been a popular filming location for movies and TV dramas.

From the iconic Red Brick Warehouse to the picturesque Yamashita Park, there are plenty of spots that have graced the silver screen. Enjoy the cinematic charm of Yokohama as you explore these film locations and soak in the city’s captivating ambiance.

Whether you’re a film enthusiast or simply looking for a unique experience, Yokohama at night is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Full Description of the Tour

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Full Description of the Tour

During the ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour in English, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of attractions and scenic spots in Yokohama. They can indulge in the deep taste of the largest ChinaTown in Japan and savor delicious dishes such as Soba, Tonkatsu, and Sushi. The tour also includes a visit to Motomachi street, where participants can enjoy a satisfying shopping experience with a variety of shops to explore. Plus, you will have the chance to experience the beauty of Japanese old houses and gardens at Sankeien. To further enhance the experience, they can relax and enjoy the scenery while eating Japanese sweets, Odango. With this tour, participants can enjoy Japanese cuisine and enjoy a memorable shopping experience in Yokohama.

Attractions and Scenic Spots Japanese Cuisine Shopping Experience
ChinaTown Soba Motomachi street
Beautiful night view of Yokohama Tonkatsu Variety of shops
Attractions used in films and TV dramas Sushi
Sankeien (Japanese old houses and gardens) Odango (Japanese sweets)


'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Inclusions

Participants of the ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour in English can enjoy several inclusions during their experience.

This tour not only provides hotel pickup and drop-off within Yokohama city, but it also includes food and drinks throughout the tour. So, you can indulge in the delicious dishes at China Town, as well as try Soba, Tonkatsu, and Sushi. It’s a great opportunity to savor the deep taste of the largest ChinaTown in Japan.

Along With the culinary delights, the tour also covers admission fees and transportation expenses, ensuring a hassle-free experience. On top of that, if you’re staying outside of Yokohama city, the tour offers hotel pickup and drop-off for your convenience. So, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of Yokohama without any worries.

Don’t forget to explore Motomachi street for a satisfying shopping experience and pick up some souvenirs to remember your visit to this vibrant city.

Selecting Participants and Date

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Selecting Participants and Date

To begin the process of selecting participants and a date for the ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour in English, choose the number of individuals who will be taking part in the activity. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or in a group, this tour can be customized to accommodate your needs. The table below provides an overview of the available options for tour customization:

Number of Participants Recommended Date
1-2 Monday
3-4 Tuesday
5-6 Wednesday
7+ Thursday

Once you have decided on the number of participants, it’s time to check the availability for your desired date. The meeting point for the tour is JR Sakuragicho station (south ticket gate), where you will find the guide holding the sign ‘Yokohama Lit’. Rain or shine, the tour will take place, ensuring you get to experience the best of Yokohama. For local recommendations and an unforgettable experience, book your ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour in English today.

Cancellation Policy

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour in English is straightforward and allows for flexibility. Participants can cancel their reservation up to 24 hours in advance and receive a full refund. This provides peace of mind for those who may need to make last-minute changes to their travel plans.

The tour itself has a duration of 4 hours, giving participants ample time to explore and experience the highlights of Yokohama. It’s important to note that itineraries are subject to change and are provided for reference only. This allows for adaptability based on weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Meeting Point and Guide

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Meeting Point and Guide

The meeting point for the ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour in English is JR Sakuragicho station (south ticket gate), where you will look for the guide holding the sign ‘Yokohama Lit’. This meeting point is conveniently located and easily accessible, allowing participants to start their tour smoothly.

The guide will be fluent in English, ensuring clear communication throughout the tour. Their language proficiency will enable them to provide detailed explanations and answer any questions the participants may have. The guide will also be knowledgeable about Yokohama’s history, culture, and attractions, enhancing the overall experience for the participants.

With the meeting point logistics taken care of and a knowledgeable guide by their side, participants can feel confident and excited about exploring Yokohama.

Tour Availability and Weather

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Tour Availability and Weather

When is the tour available and what weather conditions will it take place in?

The ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour in English is available on various dates, and the availability can be checked when selecting the desired date. The tour lasts for approximately 4 hours, and the starting times are subject to availability.

As for the weather conditions, the tour will take place rain or shine, ensuring that customers have the opportunity to explore Yokohama’s local attractions and sightseeing options regardless of the weather. Customer satisfaction is a priority, and the tour organizers are committed to providing an enjoyable experience irrespective of any weather conditions that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Feel Yokohama!'Private Tour in English - Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the ‘Feel Yokohama!’ Private Tour?

The ‘Feel Yokohama!’ private tour is 4 hours long. Participants can indulge in delicious dishes at China Town, explore various attractions, and experience the beauty of Japanese old houses and gardens at Sankeien.

What Types of Food and Drinks Are Included in the Tour?

The tour includes a variety of Japanese cuisine highlights, such as Soba, Tonkatsu, and Sushi. Plus, participants can enjoy local craft beers and other drinks during the tour.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Tour?

There are no age restrictions for participating in the tour. The maximum number of participants allowed can be selected when booking.

Can I Customize the Itinerary of the Tour?

Yes, participants can customize the itinerary of the tour. They have the option to choose from various attractions and scenic spots in Yokohama, including the largest ChinaTown, beautiful night views, and filming locations.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required for the Tour to Take Place?

There is no minimum number of participants required for the tour to take place. The tour duration is 4 hours, allowing plenty of time to explore the highlights of Yokohama.

The Sum Up

Experience the vibrant culture and stunning sights of Yokohama with Feel Yokohama! Private Tour in English.

This customizable tour allows you to explore at your own pace and indulge in delicious local dishes.

Discover famous attractions used in films and TV dramas, and enjoy a satisfying shopping experience on Motomachi street.

With hotel pickup, food and drinks included, this unforgettable adventure isn’t to be missed.

Enjoy the hidden gems and unique flavors of Yokohama today!

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