History Of The Samurai: Bushido Code signed with blood, Samurai Women, The Last Samurai’ and other warrior’s movies, and Cool Armor and costumes.

Ancient Japanese culture comes to life with Japanese Armor, outfits and swords.

The Bushido Code Of Samurai Culture


Japanese Samurai Bushido

The Japanese warriors swore loyalty to their lord in a very dramatic ceremony. The ‘contract’ was signed with the warrior’s blood and the document was burned, then the ashes were mixed into water and drank.

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7 Secrets of the Japanese warriors: Armor, Weapons and Clothing revealed.
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The Bushido code was about following any order given by the Daimyo immediately, and without asking any questions. According to the Bushido code surrender is unthinkable. That’s why when the battle was lost, the warriors committed ‘seppuku’ – the Ritual of suicide.
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Inspiration and ideas from the History Of The Samurai about their Clothing.
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Japanese Samurai Mask

Masks have been used to hide fear during Battles or to scare the enemy as much as possible. The look of the mask was angry and frightening.
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Samurai Woman

Japanese Samurai Women

Discover the Most Amazing stories about Women And Girls fighting for their lives.
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Japanese swords can cost between a few hundred dollars to a six figures price for a sword with historical significance, so not recognizing authentic from fake can lead to costly mistakes!
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Save yourself from making costly mistakes when Buying Cheap Swords. Learn the differences between authentic Japanese swords and a Replica.
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Japanese Samurai sword

The History of the Samurai is full of fantastic stories. Here’s the secrets of the Ninja Sword. Ninja were not some kind of mystical killers as you see in movies. Ninja were Japanese warriors.
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Read This And Discover why Weapons and swords are making a comeback, and how swords are an exploding new hobby.
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The Last Samurai Movie and Ninja Movies. Discover Ancient Japanese culture through famous Ninja movies.
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Why are Japanese Swords so rare? Modern, authentic swords from Japan are made by a few hundred Artisans. After World War II an entire generation of skillful artisans was lost.
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Tips on how to recognize Authentic Japanese Swords & katana from a modern replica. Why The Antique Sword Is Making A Comeback.
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It’s True: The Suicide Ritual Of Japanese Warrior. The ideal warrior was supposed to be honorable, loyal, and brave. So brave in fact, that he was expected to commit ‘seppuku’ – the Ritual of suicide when the battle was lost. According to the Bushido, code surrender is unthinkable.
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Japanese Samurai Art

Should You Buy Japanese Art? Fabulous Japanese warrior Images and Japanese warriors Pics, and fast and easy Tips on which artwork not to Buy!
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Japanese warrior images can be very dramatic. The Japanese warrior’s Clothing, weapons, culture and masks can all be seen in this Gallery.
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