Summer is the best times to visit Mount Fuji and have some fun and exciting outdoor activities in the area.

If you’re looking to do it the easy way you can take this tour of climbing Mt. Fuji from Tokyo and explore its breath-taking spots.

If you’re more of the adventurous type and fond of adventurous activities and you’d like to actually climb it, read on. Fuji is 3776m high and can be reached by taking a direct bus from Shinjuku to the Subaru fifth station and climbing the mountain from thereon. In case you are not fond of climbing or your health doesn’t permit you to do so, you can wander around Mount Fuji base and enjoy plenty of attractions in the towns nearby. Read on to have a detailed look at this adventure-filled trip to Mount Fuji:

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How to Reach Mount Fuji?

It is located at the distance of about 100km to the west of Tokyo.
Among the numerous ways to reach this mountain, the most convenient one is to buy a Japan Rail Pass here and take the Kaiji ltd. express directly from Shinjuku station to Otsuki. At Otsuki, transfer to the Fujikyu line. This is a privately held railway and the JR Pass is can’t be used on this line. Another option of reaching Mount Fuji is to take a highway bus that you can find at the Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal.

The Japan Rail Pass is not valid on the highway buses.

The bus ride will take 2.5 hours and it will directly drop you at the Subaru Fifth Station.

From there on, you can embark on this adventurous climb and explore the mountain’s picturesque beauty.

Climbing Mount Fuji – For the Adventurous and Fit

The climbing season at Mount Fuji starts July 1st and it remains open until September 14th. Even though climbing Mount Fuji is an adventure and excitement filled journey, it can turn out to be quite tiring as it will take somewhere between 5 and 7 hours for an average person to climb it if they have taken the Yoshida Trail from Fifth Station. Furthermore, it will require further 3 to 5 hours to return back to the base. Therefore, it is recommended to reach the fifth station in the early morning so that you can climb the mountain in time and spend a night there. This will not only give your body the much-needed rest but also provide you with the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience of spending a night amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. After spending the night there, you can wake up early the next day and to capture the amazing visual of sunrise and preserve it in your memories forever.

If you are not fascinated with the idea of spending a night in a mountain hut, then it is recommended to start early in the day so that you can come back by night. However, you need to be fit and healthy to accomplish this feat of climbing and descending in a single day.

The Right Time to Climb Mount Fuji

As discussed above, you can plan a trip to climb Mount Fuji between 1st July and 14th September. However, if you’d to avoid the crowds, select any weekday for climbing as most locals head to this mountain during the weekends.
Furthermore, mid-August is recorded to be the most crowded time. Therefore, plan your trip in last days of July or early September to have the best experience.

Exploring Mount Fuji – The Easy Stroll

For those who merely want to explore the beauty of Mount Fuji without climbing it, you can take a stroll on the Ochudo Hiking Trail and explore the nearby towns after getting off at the Subaru Fifth Station. Buy the Japan Rail Pass here. If you’d like it even easier – you can enjoy the panoramic views of this mountain by taking a bus that goes between the towns situated at the mountain base.

Some Points to Remember

These are some of the factors that you must consider before embarking on this journey of climbing Mount Fuji:

  • It is located at a great height; thus, there are chances of altitude sickness
  • If you want to spend a night in a mountain hut, it is strongly recommended to reserve it prior to starting your journey. During the peak season, it can prove to be extremely difficult to find a mountain hut to stay in
  • If you are climbing through the night or climbing and descending in a single day, make sure you are at the best of your health. Moreover, you are not required to reserve a hut if you intend to stay in it for merely resting purpose. They typically charge on hourly basis
  • The weather conditions in Tokyo are fluctuating. Thus, reserving a mountain hut and bus in advance locks a particular day for you. A bad weather on such a day can make it difficult for you to climb. Therefore, make sure you have checked the weather forecast for the day before making reservations

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