10 Success Tips for Japanese Business Culture: Etiquette, Customs, and Practices, Business Culture for Women.

Doing business in Japan is very different from the business etiquette in Europe or the US. Americans doing business in Japan are taken by surprise by the Business Culture And Practices in Japan which are so unique compared to countries.

The differences come from Japanese etiquette being more formal, and because of the unique Japanese body language.

Japanese Business Culture: Etiquette

Hostess Bars. After business hours Entertainment in Japan for businessmen includes Hostess bars and Karaoke.
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Drinking is an important part of Japanese culture. It’s a way to wind down. The word for toasting is ‘Kampai’.

Never pour a drink for yourself. It is considered more appropriate in Japan to allow someone else to do it for you.

What To Expect From Japanese Business Culture And Customs

Exchanging presents. Don’t forget to bring along gifts for your hosts and some extra gifts for assistants, helpers, and subordinates.

Showing emotions in public is a big No-No. Do not pat anyone on the back. Do not make the first move for a handshake if your Japanese colleague prefers bowing.
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Always call your colleague by his last name and attach ‘San’ to his name.

Sitting arrangements can take a long time. Don’t sit down before you are shown your place.
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Japanese Business Culture And Practices

Business cards are called Meishi and they are a big thing in Japan. Prepare by ordering inexpensive double-sided business cards printed in the Japanese language on one side and in English on the other side.

Always present your business card holding it with both hands, Japanese-language side facing forward. Start by giving your business card to the most senior member of the Japanese party. Accept a Japanese business card using both hands, saying “Thank you” and studying it in detail.

Don’t write on business cards you receive. Don’t put the card immediately in your pocket or wallet. Put it on the table in front of you. Take all the business cards you receive at the end of the meeting.

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Japanese Business Culture Tips

Negotiation in Japan can be long and frustrating. Decisions are made only when every stage of the hierarchy gives their blessing to an agreement. Things move slowly.

No does not exist in the Japanese language. The Japanese don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings so they are never straightforward. Read between the lines as to the real meaning of what your Japanese colleagues are saying.

You will always be meeting with a team and not an individual. Each one of the participants takes part in the final decision. so don’t underestimate the young subordinates.

Business Culture In Japan And Women

Women are not invited to the common entertainment and Nightlife activities in Japan such as a Hostess Bar or Karaoke. Other than that the Japanese treat Business-women as equal in business.

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