Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Tokyo’s Ginza district, Sowaka Bar beckons discerning diners to savor a private dinner experience like no other. Imagine being enveloped in a world where every culinary desire is meticulously catered to, where each bite is a symphony of flavors crafted to perfection.

As the evening unfolds, guests are transported to a realm where gastronomy intertwines with luxury, promising an unforgettable journey for those seeking an exclusive escape from the ordinary.

Quick Takeaways

  • Confirmation within 48 hours secures reservation
  • Minimum 4 guests required for booking
  • No wheelchair access available at the venue
  • Refund policy based on timely cancellations

Booking Confirmation Process

Upon booking the Private Dinner at Sowaka Bar in Tokyo Ginza, travelers can expect to receive a confirmation within 48 hours. The payment process for this exclusive experience is straightforward, with options for credit card or PayPal transactions. It’s crucial to complete the payment within the specified timeline to secure the reservation.

The booking timeline is essential to adhere to, ensuring a seamless process from confirmation to the actual dinner event. In case of any changes or cancellations, travelers should refer to the refund policy outlined by the venue.

Accessibility Information

Travelers interested in the Private Dinner at Sowaka Bar in Tokyo Ginza may want to note that the venue isn’t wheelchair accessible, ensuring all guests are aware of the facility’s limitations before booking their experience. When considering accessibility, guests should also keep in mind transportation options to reach the location.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Wheelchair Accommodations: Unfortunately, the venue doesn’t offer wheelchair accommodations.
  2. Transportation Options: Guests are advised to plan their transportation in advance, considering the lack of wheelchair accessibility.
  3. Accessibility Note: The facility may pose challenges for individuals with mobility constraints.
  4. Preparation: Visitors with accessibility needs should plan accordingly to ensure a smooth experience at Sowaka Bar.

Proximity to Public Transport

The Sowaka Bar in Tokyo Ginza is conveniently located near public transportation options for easy access. Situated close to subway stations and bus stops, guests can easily reach the venue without the need for a long walk.

The Ginza area is well-connected with an efficient public transport system, making it convenient for visitors to navigate the city. From the nearest stations, it’s just a short stroll to the bar, allowing patrons to enjoy a seamless journey to their dining experience.

Whether arriving by train or bus, the location of Sowaka Bar ensures that transportation options are readily available for those looking to indulge in a private dinner experience in the heart of Tokyo Ginza.

Participant Eligibility

Located near public transportation in Tokyo Ginza, the Sowaka Bar sets specific criteria for participant eligibility for its private dinner experience. Here are the key eligibility requirements:

  1. Dietary Restrictions: The participants must inform the restaurant in advance of any dietary restrictions or allergies to ensure a tailored dining experience.
  2. Age Restrictions: The private dinner experience is open to adults aged 20 and above, in compliance with legal drinking age requirements in Japan.
  3. Group Size: The private dinner requires a minimum of 4 guests to proceed with the reservation.
  4. Booking Confirmation: Participants need to confirm their attendance within 48 hours of booking to secure their reservation for the exclusive dining event at Sowaka Bar.

Refund Policy Details

Upon booking the private dinner experience at Sowaka Bar in Tokyo Ginza, guests are subject to a detailed refund policy based on the timing of cancellations. The refund process is as follows:

Cancellation Time Refund Percentage Reimbursement
11 days or more 100% Full refund
4-10 days 80% 80% refund
1-3 days 50% 50% refund
0 days 0% No refund

Policy clarification is essential to understand the reimbursement guests can expect based on when they cancel their reservation. It ensures transparency and sets clear expectations regarding the refund process. This policy helps manage cancellations effectively while providing guests with fair treatment.

Minimum Group Size and Cost

With a minimum requirement of seven persons and a starting cost of 576,000 yen, the private dinner experience at Sowaka Bar in Tokyo Ginza offers an exclusive setting for groups seeking a tailored culinary event.

Here is what you need to know about the group size and pricing restrictions:

  1. Group Size:
    • Minimum requirement of 7 persons.
    • Maximum capacity for an intimate dining experience.
  2. Pricing Restrictions:
    • Starting cost of 576,000 yen for the entire group.
    • Additional charges may apply for customizations or special requests.

This private dining option ensures an intimate and personalized culinary journey for groups looking for a unique gastronomic experience in the heart of Tokyo Ginza.

Exclusive Private Experience

For an unparalleled dining experience tailored to your group, immerse yourselves in the exclusive private setting of Sowaka Bar in Tokyo Ginza. The intimate setting of the bar provides the perfect ambiance for a personalized menu curated just for you and your guests. Each dish is crafted with care and precision, ensuring a culinary journey like no other. The exclusivity of the private experience elevates the evening, allowing for uninterrupted conversations and a sense of luxury. Below is a table highlighting the key features of this exclusive private experience at Sowaka Bar:

Exclusive Private Experience at Sowaka Bar
Intimate Setting Personalized Menu Culinary Excellence

Contact and Further Details

Contacting Sowaka Bar in Tokyo Ginza for further details about the private dinner experience can provide valuable insights into the exclusive offerings and customization options available for your group. To initiate the reservation process, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Information:
    • Phone: +81-3-1234-5678
    • Email:
    • Website:
  2. Reservation Requirements:
    • Minimum of 7 persons for a private charter
    • Charter cost starting at 576,000 yen
  3. Booking Policy:
    • Full refund if canceled 11 days in advance
    • 80% refund for cancellations 4-10 days prior
    • 50% refund for cancellations 1-3 days before
    • No refund for cancellations on the day of the reservation

The Sum Up

Indulge in a truly unforgettable dining experience at Sowaka Bar in Tokyo’s Ginza district. With personalized service, exquisite Japanese delicacies, and handcrafted cocktails, guests are sure to be delighted in this exclusive setting.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about luxury and sophistication at Sowaka Bar for a private dinner tailored to your preferences. Book your experience now and savor the opulent world of gastronomy at its finest.

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