Get ready to embark on an epic culinary adventure through the vibrant streets of Shibuya with the Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour.

This tour is a must for anyone seeking a taste of the extraordinary. Led by a knowledgeable guide, you will dive into the world of vegan ramen, indulging in four delectable mini bowls that will leave taste buds dancing with joy.

From the rich flavors to the unique styles, each bowl showcases the best of Hokkaido ramen. Discover the captivating history of ramen and its deep roots in Hokkaido’s culinary culture.

So, lace up those walking shoes and prepare for an unforgettable gastronomic journey through Shibuya’s ramen paradise.

Quick Takeaways

Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour - Quick Takeaways

  • The tour takes place in Shibuya and lasts for 2 hours.
  • Participants have the option to enjoy vegan and vegetarian ramen.
  • The group size is limited to 5 participants for a personalized experience.
  • The tour provides an informative and enjoyable culinary adventure, with a live tour guide offering commentary throughout the experience.

Booking and Tour Details

Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour - Booking and Tour Details

When booking the Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour, participants can easily reserve their spot and pay nothing today. This tour offers the convenience of free cancellation, allowing participants to keep their travel plans flexible. With up to 24 hours in advance, participants can request a full refund if needed.

One of the highlights of this tour is the live tour guide available throughout the experience. The guide will be there to provide information, answer questions, and ensure that participants have a memorable and enjoyable time. This tour is conducted in English and has a small group size, limited to 5 participants.


Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour - Experience

Participants on the Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour can enjoy a unique culinary experience, sampling four different and delicious mini bowls of vegan ramen. This tour offers a chance to explore the world of vegan ramen and discover new flavors and textures.

The tour takes place in the popular Shibuya area, allowing participants to stroll through the vibrant streets while indulging in delectable ramen. The ramen recipes are carefully crafted to cater to the needs of both non-vegan and vegan participants, offering a variety of vegetarian alternatives.

Whether you’re a ramen enthusiast or simply curious about vegan cuisine, this tour provides an opportunity to taste a more modern variety of ramen and learn about the rich history of Hokkaido’s place in the ramen world.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience!

Strolling Through Shibuya

During the 2-hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour in Shibuya, you will have the opportunity to leisurely stroll through the bustling streets of this vibrant Tokyo neighborhood. As they walk, they can take in the sights and sounds of Shibuya, seeing the energy and excitement of the area.

Here are some of the popular attractions in Shibuya that participants may encounter during their stroll:

  • Shibuya Crossing: Known as one of the busiest intersections in the world, Shibuya Crossing is a must-see sight. Participants can watch as the traffic lights change and hundreds of people cross the street all at once, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.
  • Hachiko Statue: Located near Shibuya Station, the Hachiko Statue is a tribute to the loyal dog who waited for his owner every day at the station’s entrance. It has become a symbol of loyalty and is a popular meeting spot for locals and travelers alike.
  • Shibuya Center Street: This bustling shopping street is lined with trendy boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Participants can explore the various shops and indulge in some retail therapy while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Yoyogi Park: Just a short walk from Shibuya, Yoyogi Park offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Participants can take a leisurely stroll through the park, enjoy a picnic, or simply relax in nature.

With plenty of vegan ramen options and popular attractions to explore, strolling through Shibuya is an integral part of the Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour, allowing participants to fully experience the vibrant atmosphere of this Tokyo neighborhood.

Ramen History in Hokkaido

Hokkaido, known as Japan’s Ramen Kingdom, holds a significant place in the history and evolution of ramen. The origins of Hokkaido ramen can be traced back to Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido.

It was in Sapporo that miso ramen, one of the most popular types of ramen in Japan, was born. The cold climate of Hokkaido influenced the creation of this hearty and flavorful noodle dish, which quickly gained popularity throughout the country.

Today, ramen culture in Japan is deeply rooted in Hokkaido, with many ramen enthusiasts flocking to the region to sample its unique and delicious offerings. From rich miso-based broths to buttery corn toppings, Hokkaido ramen showcases the diverse and innovative nature of Japanese cuisine.

Different Styles of Hokkaido Ramen

Sapporo, the birthplace of miso ramen, offers a variety of different styles of Hokkaido ramen to delight both vegan and non-vegan participants on the Shibuya Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour.

Here are some of the different styles of Hokkaido ramen that participants can expect to try:

1) Miso Ramen: As the birthplace of miso ramen, Sapporo is famous for its rich and flavorful miso-based broth. Vegan participants can enjoy a vegan version of this classic ramen, made with plant-based ingredients.

2) Shio Ramen: Shio ramen, or salt ramen, features a clear and light broth seasoned with salt. It’s known for its simplicity and delicate flavors.

3) Shoyu Ramen: Shoyu ramen, or soy sauce ramen, is another popular style of Hokkaido ramen. It has a savory and slightly sweet broth, flavored with soy sauce.

4) Tonkotsu Ramen: While not traditionally a Hokkaido style, tonkotsu ramen has become popular in the region. It features a creamy and rich pork bone broth, which may not be suitable for vegan participants.

On the Shibuya Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour, participants can explore the different styles of Hokkaido ramen, including vegan options, and savor the unique flavors that each style has to offer.


The tour includes four mini bowls of vegan ramen and one drink for participants to enjoy. This is a fantastic opportunity for both non-vegan and vegan participants to indulge in the flavors of vegan ramen.

The inclusion of four different mini bowls allows participants to sample a variety of vegetarian ramen options and taste a more modern variety of ramen. It’s a chance to explore the vibrant and diverse world of vegan ramen in the heart of Shibuya.

The tour highlights the unique and delicious offerings of Hokkaido’s ramen scene, with a focus on its rich history and the different styles of ramen available. With the inclusion of a drink, participants can also quench their thirst and enhance their ramen experience.

This is a must-do tour for ramen lovers and those looking to try something new and delicious.

Not Suitable for Some Individuals

Not suitable for wheelchair users or individuals with limited accessibility.

Accessibility concerns:

  1. The Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour may not be suitable for wheelchair users due to the potential lack of ramps or elevators in certain locations.
  2. Individuals with limited mobility may find it challenging to navigate through the crowded streets of Shibuya, which could hinder their participation in the tour.
  3. Some ramen restaurants visited during the tour may have narrow doorways or small seating areas, making it difficult for individuals with limited accessibility to comfortably enjoy the experience.
  4. It’s important to note that the tour involves walking and standing for extended periods, which may pose challenges for those with mobility issues.

Along With accessibility concerns, the tour may also have limitations for individuals with specific dietary restrictions. It’s advised to inform the tour organizers in advance about any dietary restrictions or allergies to ensure a suitable experience.

Selecting Participants and Date

Participants can select their desired date and join the Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour. This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the popular Shibuya area while enjoying delicious vegan and vegetarian options of ramen. To ensure a personalized experience, the tour is limited to a small group size of up to 5 participants.

Meeting point details are provided in front of Shibu Hachi Box, where the guide will be waiting with a Tokyo Ramen Tours sign. The tour is conducted in English, and a live tour guide is available to provide informative commentary throughout the experience.

With positive reviews from previous travelers, this tour promises to be a delightful culinary adventure for ramen enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Ramen Bowls Served on the Tour Gluten-Free?

Yes, the ramen bowls served on this tour have gluten-free options available. They take into consideration dietary restrictions and offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan ramen options to cater to different preferences.

Can Children Participate in the Vegan and Vegetarian Ramen Tour?

Children of all ages can participate in the vegan and vegetarian ramen tour. There is no specific age limit, making it a fun and delicious activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

Is There an Age Limit for Participants on the Tour?

Yes, there is an age limit for participants on the tour. While children can participate, the tour is suitable for ages 12 and above. This ensures a more enjoyable and engaging experience for all participants.

Are There Any Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the Drink Included in the Tour?

Yes, there are vegan and vegetarian drink options available on the tour. Participants can enjoy a variety of refreshing beverages that cater to their dietary preferences.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Fees That Participants Should Be Aware Of?

Participants should be aware that there are no additional costs or fees for the Shibuya: 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour. All mini bowls of ramen and one drink are included in the tour price.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the 2-Hour Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour in Shibuya offers a tantalizing journey into the world of vegan ramen. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, participants can savor four delectable mini bowls of vegan ramen, while exploring the vibrant streets of Shibuya.

This tour not only celebrates the rich flavors and unique styles of Hokkaido ramen but also delves into the fascinating history of ramen in Sapporo.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable gastronomic experience in Japan’s ramen paradise.

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