Here’s The #1 Way To Discover Tokyo at Night.

Tokyo Night life has something for every taste.

Night life in Tokyo is like an ongoing party.

Whether it’s Kabuki Theater, Karaoke Bars, Sake bars, Romantic Tokyo Restaurants,Michelin Guide recommended Restaurants,

skyscraper bars with striking views of urban lights – it’s all there, waiting for you to explore it.

3 Best Places To Visit In Tokyo Night Scene

Tokyo Nights can be spent at an Ancient Japanese Culture event or at the wildest, most up to date Nightclub.

Tokyo Nightlife has many centers, each has its unique atmosphere, and suits a different age and Budget.
You will probably enjoy Walking around these places and absorbing the atmosphere, and you never know what adventure you might find on your way.

By the way – Tokyo is extremely safe, crimes against tourists are almost unheard of.
That is of course if you’re not deliberately looking for trouble in the sleaziest bars at the red lights district in Shinjuku.

Most well-known and entertainment areas are Ginza, Shibuya and Roppongi.

So, here’s what Tokyo Night Life has to offer YOU…

Tokyo Nights: The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Want to join in on the crowd?

  • Japanese take drinking very seriously. Japanese office workers unwind after work hours, before commuting back home. You can start exploring Tokyo at Night by joining the after-work crowd in the many Izakaya’s in the city.

    An Izakaya is the Japanese version of a Tokyo restaurant and bar.

    Why not start your Tokyo nights at one of the bars at Marunouchi – Tokyo’s financial district.
    The skyscrapers in the area are packed with office workers, and the ambiance is lively. The atmosphere is cheerful and loud, and nobody gets too excited when somebody has too many drinks.

  • Don’t miss the awesome neon lights and the mass of people crossing at Shibuya famous intersection. It’s one of the most famous symbols of Tokyo At Night.
    Shibuya is called ‘Tokyo’s Times square’. With its huge and sparkling neon signs it has something of a futuristic atmosphere.
    The coolest trends in style and fashion start here. Shibuya girls are the inspiration for global fashion trends.
  • Karaoke – Japanese style – is the ultimate Tokyo nightlife experience.Karaoke became globally famous thanks to the movie ‘lost in translation’ by Sofia Coppola. There’s a lovely scene in the movie, where scarlet Johansson and Bill Murray spend a wild evening with friends at a Karaoke Box.Forget everything you know about karaoke at home. It’s mad, it’s hilarious and it’s a fantastic insight into life in the Japanese culture. Gone is the stiff, formal Japanese office worker. Instead you’ll meet the easy going, fun to be with, crowd.It doesn’t really matter if you can sing, everyone participates.The whole point of Karaoke is to get a bit drunk and loosen up.There are a few options – a Karaoke bar, that’s where you sing to the whole bar. More common now is Karaoke box – a private room where you can sing and drink together with your friends and avoid the embarrassment of singing in front of strangers.If you’re staying in a higher-end hotel, the concierge can recommend a few places. Otherwise, you can head to Shibuya, where you’ll find Karaoke-Kan’s with 80’s classic hits galore.
  • Try the kitsch and colourful Shidax Village Club in Shibuya. This massive complex has 130 private rooms.

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Tokyo Trip Checklist

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