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The visual beauty of the flower is extraordinary.

The trees come in various shades of pink and shine elegantly in daylight.

The Japanese Blossom festival is relatively short. Full bloom is usually reached within one week after the opening of the first flower. A week later, the peak is over and the petals are falling from the trees.

The blooming of the Trees differs from year to year depending on the weather. If the weather during the months before the season is relatively mild, flowers will open early. If it was cold the trees will open later.

To understand Japans culture you must understand the meaning of this festival. This delicate beauty symbolizes purity and melancholy. Japanese poetry and literature are full of analogies to it.

The flower’s meaning and symbolism is translated into the traditional Japanese samurai spirit, the belief that life is brief and beautiful.

The Sakura tree – the Cherry Tree, is actually the national flower of Japan. It signifies the arrival of spring.

Of course, not all the Trees in Tokyo open on the same day. A Tree in a shadowy place will bloom several days later than a Tree in a sunny place.

In Tokyo, the Bloom season typically takes place around the end of March and beginning of April. On Japan’s southern island Okinawa, it starts around January, while on the northern island – Hokkaido, as late as May.

Hanami (flower viewing) is a popular custom. Parties including family or friends are very popular. The parks are filled with happy, celebrating locals.

During the festival, Japanese people and tourists compete on taking the best photos.

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