Meiji Shrine: No. #1 Tokyo Attractions

Meiji Shrine, one of the Major Tokyo Attractions: an active temple with Shinto ceremonies and weddings, surrounded by a Green forest, close to Shibuya ‘Tokyo’s Times Square’, Harajuku Cosplay and Omotesando ‘Fifth Avenue’ Shopping.


Things To Do In Meiji Shrine


A Green forest surrounding the place is the perfect place to stroll and wind-down from the Tokyo city buzz.

The Shrine itself. One of the Most beautiful in Japan, with old-polished wood and wooden prayer tiles.

Japanese Holidays and Festivals. There’s always something going on in Meji Jingu Shrine on these dates- a prayer, a special ceremony.
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Emperor Meiji’s treasure museum and Picture Gallery.

Traditional Shinto ceremonies (Sundays and Thursdays). Couples come for a very special and touching ceremony-presenting their newborn babies.

Traditional Shinto weddings. Brides wear a white Japanese wedding kimono and a traditional Japanese wedding hat.
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Things To Do Next To Meiji Jingu Shrine

Shibuya. Tokyo’s ‘Times Square’ – shibuya – huge neon screens and a mass of people. The coolest trends in fashion start here. Shibuya girls are the inspiration for global fashion designers. One of the most Fun Things to do.
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Harajuku. Gothic Lolitas And Maids: Japanese Cosplay Girls are Fun, trendy and will give lots of inspiration on how to dress.Visit Harajuku Tokyo on a Sunday to meet Cosplay girls dress like Gothic Lolitas, French Maids and Hello Kitty.

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Omotesando. Tokyo’s ‘Fifth Avenue’, an elegant boulevard lined with elm trees, designer shops and small cafe’s. It’s a great place to stroll, do some window-Shopping, and enjoy a chic ambiance while avoiding the heavy crowds of Midtown.

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Meiji Shrine And Emperor Meiji

The Shrine was built in honor of Emperor Meiji and his wife. Emperor Meiji was the first emperor of modern Japan.
The Shrine was completed in 1926, destroyed during the Tokyo air raids of world war 2 and rebuilt in 1958.

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