This article will fill you in with all the details regarding Free Wi-Fi Japan and Wi-Fi in Tokyo.

The good news is that free Wi-Fi is conveniently accessible in many areas in Tokyo, some requiring registration, some not.

This is also the case in Kyoto, Nikko and Kamakura and other surrounding areas.
Thus you can use your iphone, consult Google Maps and access any information you need on the go.

Caveat: upgrades and amendments are a given. This article covers many aspects, but it is best to check actual status before traveling. Be prepared for changes, although in most cases you will experience no problems regarding Japan free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi in Tokyo Hotels

When making reservations, inquire as to whether the hotel you are considering offers Wi-Fi, if cables or any equipment is necessary and if there is a fee. For the most part, modern tourist-attracting hotels do provide internet connection free of charge in their guest rooms. This may be offered through wired internet via a LAN cable or as a wireless network. If you plan to stay in an older ‘quaint’ or traditional type of hotel you may need some hardware; this can be determined when making reservations so that you can come prepared.

Come prepared, do your research from home, and bring printouts of all the information you may need.

If you are not staying at a hotel, but rather in a Traditional Japanese Ryokan or Minshuku, you will probably have to manage without Wi-Fi, or in some places may be able to go to the lobby for access. This is currently the case in many national parks and rural hot spring resorts.

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Tokyo Wireless (Wi-Fi) Hotspots

Not in a hotel? Do not despair. In most places in Tokyo, free Wi-Fi hotspots are available, although you may find some places charging a fee. Laptops, iphones and other mobile devices can connect in these hotspots found around airports and train stations, and even many restaurants, tourist information spots, shopping centers, coffee shops and bars.

Free Wi-Fi Japan Hotspots

As technology and demand march on, free public Wi-Fi is becoming standard fare in Japan. Little by little, even more remote tourist-attracting cities such as Kyoto and Fukuoka, are offering Wi-Fi access, at least in their central areas. Furthermore, some nationwide chains stores and shops are also providing free Wi-Fi access to their customers. Limitations: • In some of these places, sign up/registration is required • Warning! Some have English sign up pages, but others do not • Advance registration is required in some cases – best to arrange before leaving home

• Some networks are limited to iphones only, or may have other restrictions.

The following places offer free Wi-Fi in Japan, but require registration; there is no waiting period, access begins immediately.

  • Most Major Airports, including Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda Airports
  • Starbucks offers Wi-Fi at all stores in central Tokyo, and are expanding, planning to cover all of Japan in the near future. Registration is quick and easy. Go to ‘at_STARBUCKS_Wi2’ and enter an email address and password. For more information see the English-language at_STARBUCKS_Wi2.
  • 7spot – there are actually thousands of 7-Eleven convenience stores, and Seibu department stores in Japan offering WI-Fi service.
  • JR East Free Wi-Fi – major JR railway stations and travel centers in central Tokyo, including Tokyo station, Akihabara, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya Stations, Ueno, Narita Airport and Haneda Airport train stations.
  • Japan Free Wi-Fi is offered in many buildings in the Marunouchi district. This is located west of Tokyo Station.

These places offer Tokyo free WI-Fi without registration:

  • G-Free – Throughout Ginza Street, a high-end shopping district in Tokyo, enjoy unlimited access.
  • Omo-Free – similarly, most of the street and inside some big-business buildings on Omotesando Avenue in Harajuku offer access.

This is part 1 of a 2-part series on How to access Free Wi-Fi in Japan and free Wi-Fi in Tokyo.
Part 2: Additional spots for Japan Free Wi-Fi : Kyoto, Mount Fuji, Hiroshima, Osaka and more

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