Hana Matsuri Floral Festival in Tokyo has Wonderful celebrations: Small shrines decorated with flowers, baby Buddha figurines and Parades with children in fancy attire pulling a papier-mâché white elephant.

Tokyo has a lot to offer the traveler who decides to visit during the spring, including numerous festivals. One of the festivals that’s definitely worth including in your travel plans is the Hana Matsuri Festival, which takes place April 8 in Tokyo temples and throughout Japan.

What is the Hana Matsuri Floral Festival in Tokyo?

Hana Matsuri celebrates the birth of Buddha. Small shrines are decorated with flowers that are made at the temples and then a baby Buddha figurine (tanjobustu) is placed inside. Temples in Tokyo have all kinds of wonderful celebrations that are worth exploring. The figurine is then sprinkled with ama-cha (sweet tea), which locals take home and drink, because it is considered to be holy.

When is the Hana Matsuri Floral Festival in Tokyo?

It is celebrated on April 8.

Where can you Enjoy the Hana Matsuri Floral Festival?

The Hana Matsuri festival is held in a number of places throughout Tokyo, including the temples. Here are some of the most popular places.

At the temples, small images of Buddha are on display to the public. Ama-cha (sweet tea) is poured over the images to express devotion.  Parades with children in fancy attire, pulling a papier-mâché white elephant are held in these temples.

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