Have you ever wondered if there is a way to explore Kagoshima at your own pace and according to your own interests? Look no further than the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour.

This comprehensive and personalized experience allows travelers to design their own itinerary, focusing on culture, history, food, and nature.

Starting at £164.06, the tour offers a range of customization options and can accommodate various group sizes. With pickup details provided in Kagoshima, guests can easily join the tour at a convenient spot.

The tour includes an English-speaking professional guide and transportation within the city. Whether you’re a solo traveler or in a group, the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour provides a hassle-free and personalized exploration of this beautiful city.

Quick Takeaways

Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour - Quick Takeaways

  • Price starts from £164.06
  • Recommended to book 3 months in advance, at least 1 month before travel
  • Pickup details provided for guests in Kagoshima
  • Custom tour designed according to preferences

Pricing and Booking Details

Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour - Pricing and Booking Details

The pricing and booking details for the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour can be found on the website. The price starts from £164.06, but it varies based on the group size. It’s recommended to book this tour at least 1 month before travel, preferably 3 months in advance, as it’s a popular choice among travelers.

Booking in advance ensures availability and allows enough time for the tour organizers to make necessary arrangements. Group size considerations are important because the price is determined based on the number of people.

It’s worth noting that there’s a service fee charged for cancellations after planning has started, and the tour has a moderate cancellation policy based on the number of days before the event.

Pickup and Transportation

Guests in Kagoshima can expect convenient pickup for the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour, likely at a train station or another convenient spot. The pickup details will be provided for your, ensuring a hassle-free start to the tour.

It’s important to note that passports may be required for age verification purposes. To ensure a smooth and timely departure, guests should arrive at least 10 minutes before the designated meet-up time. The tour guide will wait for up to 45 minutes before canceling the tour. This allows for flexibility in case of any unforeseen delays.

Customization Options

Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour - Customization Options

Customization options for the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour can be tailored to suit your preferences and interests. Here are some benefits of customizing your tour:

  1. Personalized experiences: By customizing your tour, you have the opportunity to create a unique itinerary that aligns with your interests. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s history, enjoying the local culture, or indulging in the delicious local cuisine, the tour can be designed to cater to your specific preferences.
  2. Various options and themes: The Custom Tour form provides a range of options and themes to choose from. You can select your preferred areas of focus, such as culture, history, food, nature, and more. This ensures that your tour is centered around the activities and attractions that interest you the most.
  3. Transportation choices: The customization options also include the choice of transportation. You can select between public transportation or a private vehicle for your tour, depending on your comfort and convenience.
  4. Price based on group size: The price of the tour is determined based on the number of people in your group. This allows you to customize the tour to fit your budget, whether you’re traveling solo or with a larger group.


An article titled ‘Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour’ includes a detailed list of inclusions for the tour. The tour offers several advantages of a fully customized experience, allowing travelers to tailor their itinerary according to their preferences. Here are the benefits of this custom tour:

8-hour fully customized tour with reservations and bookings made on your behalf
Transportation within the city (public transportation or private vehicle)
English-speaking professional tour guide (other languages available upon request)
Hotel pickup and drop-off (within city center)

These inclusions ensure that travelers have a seamless and enjoyable experience exploring Kagoshima. The tour provides the flexibility to choose the attractions and activities that interest them the most. Plus, having a knowledgeable tour guide enhances the experience by providing insights and information about the city’s culture, history, and more. With the convenience of transportation and hotel pickup, travelers can focus on seeing the beauty of Kagoshima.

Additional Details

Including a private tour guide and transportation within the city, the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour offers a fully tailored experience for travelers. Here are some additional details to keep in mind when considering this tour:

  1. Tour Guide Availability: The tour provides an English-speaking professional tour guide who’ll accompany the group throughout the day. Upon request, guides in other languages may also be available.
  2. Age Verification Process: It’s important to note that passports may be required for age verification purposes during the tour. This ensures compliance with any age restrictions for certain activities or attractions.
  3. Private Tour/Activity: The tour/activity is limited to your group, ensuring a more personalized and intimate experience.
  4. Timeliness: Guests are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes before the designated meet-up time. The tour guide will wait for up to 45 minutes before canceling the tour, so it’s crucial to be punctual.

With these additional details, travelers can have a better understanding of what to expect from the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour.

Itinerary Suggestions

The itinerary suggestions for the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour cater to the specific preferences and attractions already visited by the group. For those looking to explore the top attractions in Kagoshima, the tour can include visits to places like the Sakurajima volcano, the Kagoshima Aquarium, and the Sengan-en Garden. These iconic sites offer a glimpse into the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region.

Plus, the tour can also include stops at recommended local restaurants, where guests can savor the flavors of Kagoshima’s renowned cuisine. From savory kurobuta pork to flavorful shochu, there are plenty of culinary delights to be enjoyed.

The itinerary suggestions aim to provide a well-rounded and memorable experience for all participants.

Recommended Attractions

Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour - Recommended Attractions

Visitors to Kagoshima can explore a variety of recommended attractions during the custom full day tour. Here are four must-visit landmarks and top-rated restaurants to consider:

  1. Sakurajima: This active volcano is an iconic symbol of Kagoshima. Visitors can take a ferry to the island and witness breathtaking views of the volcano’s eruptions. Don’t forget to try the local specialty, Sakurajima radish, known for its unique taste.
  2. Sengan-en Garden: A designated national cultural asset, this beautiful garden offers a serene escape from the city. It features traditional Japanese architecture, stunning landscapes, and a tea house where visitors can enjoy matcha tea.
  3. Kagoshima Aquarium: Perfect for marine life enthusiasts, this aquarium showcases a wide variety of sea creatures, including dolphins, sea turtles, and colorful fish. The highlight is the dolphin show, which is both educational and entertaining.
  4. Kagoshima Ramen: No visit to Kagoshima is complete without trying its famous ramen. Be sure to visit one of the top-rated ramen restaurants in the city, where you can savor the rich and flavorful broth, tender pork, and perfectly cooked noodles.

These attractions offer a mix of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and culinary delights, making them a perfect addition to any Kagoshima custom full day tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Changes to My Booking After It Has Been Confirmed?

Yes, changes to a booking can be made after it has been confirmed. The confirmation process allows for modifications to be made, such as adjusting the itinerary, transportation preferences, and other customizable options.

What Is the Average Group Size for the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour?

Group sizes for the Kagoshima custom full day tour can vary. The tour offers a fully customized experience, accommodating both small and large groups. Whether traveling alone or with a group, the tour can be tailored to meet individual preferences.

What Is the Service Fee Charged for Cancellations After Planning Has Started?

The service fee charged for cancellations after planning has started is not specified. It is recommended to review the cancellation policy and contact the tour provider directly for more information regarding specific fees.

Is the Tour Guide Able to Accommodate Guests Who Speak Languages Other Than English?

Multilingual tour guides are available to accommodate guests who speak languages other than English. There are language options for non-English speakers to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience during the tour.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour?

There are no specific age restrictions mentioned for participating in the custom full-day tour. However, it is advisable to consider the preferences and interests of all participants to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the Kagoshima Custom Full Day Tour offers travelers a convenient and personalized way to explore the city.

With customizable itineraries and various options for transportation and language guides, guests can enjoy a hassle-free experience tailored to their preferences.

The tour provides pickup and drop-off services, making it easy for visitors to navigate the city and discover its cultural, historical, and natural attractions.

Whether you’re interested in food, nature, or history, this tour is a great option for a memorable day in Kagoshima.

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