In the heart of Tokyo, where the gentle rustle of silk meets the soothing aroma of freshly brewed tea, an exclusive voyage into Japanese traditions beckons.

Step into a world where every detail is meticulously crafted to offer a bespoke encounter with the essence of Japan.

The ‘Private Premium Plan Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience’ is not merely an activity; it is an invitation to take in a tapestry of culture and sophistication.

The allure of this experience lies in the fusion of grace, history, and tranquility, promising participants a transformative journey unlike any other.

Quick Takeaways

  • Immerse in rich cultural traditions through traditional kimono fitting
  • Engage in authentic Japanese tea ceremony rituals with expert guidance
  • Customize the experience to preferences for a personalized touch
  • Explore the artistry and precision of Japanese tea ceremonies in a serene environment

Experience Highlights

Enjoy the rich cultural traditions of Japan with a private Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience. This experience allows participants to engage in authentic rituals while adorned in traditional attire, guided by the expertise of KIMONO QUEEN in a serene setting.

The emphasis is on culture, providing a genuine insight into Japan’s heritage and customs. By wearing the traditional kimono, participants not only partake in a visually stunning experience but also connect with the deep-rooted traditions of Japanese society.

The attention to detail in the attire, combined with the meticulous tea ceremony, offers a unique opportunity to explore the essence of Japanese culture in a truly immersive way.


Explore the range of inclusions provided with the private Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience to enhance your cultural journey in Japan.

The experience begins with a traditional kimono fitting, where guests can choose from a selection of exquisite garments to wear during the tea ceremony. The kimono fitting is a crucial part of the immersion into Japanese culture, allowing participants to experience the elegance and beauty of traditional attire.

Following the fitting, guests are guided through the intricate rituals of the tea ceremony, learning about the history, customs, and etiquette that surround this ancient tradition. By participating in the tea ceremony traditions, guests gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and can appreciate the artistry and precision involved in this revered practice.


For this private Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience, the following items are not included in the package.

Exclusions Details
Attire restrictions Participants must adhere to the dress code for the experience. Traditional Japanese attire may be available for rent or purchase.
Cultural restrictions Guests are expected to respect Japanese customs and traditions during the ceremony. Any disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
Time limitations The duration of the experience is fixed and may not be extended. Participants are advised to arrive on time to make the most of the session.
Language barriers The ceremony may be conducted in Japanese with translation available, depending on the package. Guests should check language options when booking.

Booking Process

Guests interested in partaking in the private Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience can initiate the booking process by following the outlined steps for reservation. When booking this unique cultural experience, guests can take advantage of the following features:

  • Customization Options: Tailor your experience to suit your preferences and interests.
  • Cultural Significance: Enjoy the rich traditions and history of the Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Online Payment: Securely complete your booking and payment online for convenience.

Plus, guests can look forward to the guidance of knowledgeable local guides throughout the experience. By following these steps, guests can ensure a seamless booking process for their private Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the private Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience offers a full refund if canceled up to 24 hours before the start time. This ensures that customers have the flexibility to adjust their plans if needed while still respecting the booking process. Enforcing this policy is crucial to maintain fairness for all participants and uphold the standards of the experience. Effective communication strategies are in place to inform customers about the cancellation terms and conditions clearly. This proactive approach aims to minimize misunderstandings and promote customer satisfaction. Below is a table outlining the refund process and policy enforcement:

Refund Process Customer Satisfaction Policy Enforcement
Full refund High Strict

Accessibility Information

Accessibility for this private Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience ensures that individuals with varying physical abilities can fully participate in the activity.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The venue is equipped with ramps and wide doorways to accommodate wheelchair users.
  • Public Transportation Access: Conveniently located near public transportation stops, making it easily accessible for those relying on public transit.
  • Assistance Available: Staff members are trained to assist guests with mobility challenges, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience for everyone.

Contact Details

For further assistance or inquiries regarding the Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience, visitors can easily reach out to the Viator Help Center for prompt support.

Contact Information
Questions? Viator Help Center
Product Code: 204484P2
Tea Ceremony Etiquette Detailed below
Kimono Fitting Styles Detailed below

When it comes to the Japanese Tea Ceremony, etiquette plays a crucial role in ensuring a respectful and authentic experience. Guests are expected to follow specific customs, such as bowing to the host and handling the tea bowl with care. Regarding Kimono fitting styles, there are various traditional ways to wear this iconic garment, each representing different occasions and levels of formality. From the casual Yukata to the elaborate Furisode, understanding these styles adds depth to the overall culture of the experience.

Terms & Conditions

Visitors engaging in the Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience should review the detailed Terms & Conditions provided to ensure a smooth and enjoyable participation in the activity. When considering the Terms & Conditions, it’s essential to keep in mind aspects related to cultural etiquette and fashion trends to fully appreciate the experience.

  • Embrace the cultural etiquette during the tea ceremony to show respect for the traditions and customs.
  • Follow the recommended fashion trends for wearing the kimono attire correctly and elegantly.
  • Understand the rules and guidelines outlined in the Terms & Conditions to make the most out of this unique cultural experience.

Common questions

Can I Choose the Specific Kimono I Want to Wear for the Experience?

When choosing a kimono for the experience, participants may have personalization options based on availability. Embracing traditional etiquette is key due to the cultural significance of each garment. Selecting the right kimono adds authenticity to the overall experience.

Is There a Time Limit for How Long I Can Wear the Kimono During the Experience?

There is no strict time limit for wearing a kimono during the experience. However, it’s essential to respect kimono etiquette. The tea ceremony duration may vary, but typically lasts around 30-45 minutes, providing a serene and authentic cultural experience.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Types of Tea Served During the Japanese Tea Ceremony?

There are traditional rules guiding the types of tea served during a Japanese tea ceremony. Each tea variety carries cultural significance, enhancing the experience. Participants can expect a deep connection to Japanese traditions through the ritualistic preparation and serving of tea.

Can I Take Photos During the Experience?

During the Japanese tea ceremony, it is essential to adhere to photography etiquette. Capturing moments respectfully is key due to the ceremony’s cultural significance. Remember to ask for permission before taking photos to honor the tradition.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement to Participate in the Private Premium Plan Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience?

There is no minimum age requirement to participate in the private premium plan Kimono & Japanese tea ceremony experience. However, it is important to note that certain participation restrictions may apply for younger participants.

The Sum Up

Enjoy the beauty and traditions of Japan with the Private Premium Plan Kimono & Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience.

From the serene tea ceremony to the elegant kimonos, this tailored journey offers a personalized glimpse into Japanese culture.

With convenient location and accessibility options, this intimate tour ensures a memorable and enlightening experience for all travelers.

Book now and embark on a unique adventure that celebrates the rich heritage of Japan.

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