Best Rides at Disneyland Tokyo: Discover the Top Rated Disneyland Rides, waiting times, and Fastpass tickets that let you skip long lines.

How Long Should You Stay?

Most people set aside 1 day for visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. If that is the case – do yourself a favor and stay in one of Tokyo Disneyland Hotels the night before.

This will save you time commuting from Tokyo during morning Rush hour.

Tokyo Disneyland hotels also have a private entrance to the park, which saves you from not standing in long lines at the Gate.


Tokyo Disney Sea & Tokyo Disneyland are HUGE parks.

All in all, you need at least 2 days to enjoy most of the good Rides At Disneyland…
One day in Tokyo Disney Resort is simply not enough, even if the crowds are low.

If you have only one day for this – just come with the right attitude and don’t expect to experience all Disneyland Rides, Attractions, shows, parades and nighttime illuminations.

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Tokyo Disneyland Best Rides


Jungle Cruise, even though you cannot understand a single word. But the 9-minute ride into the tropical rain forests-a landscape of lush green plants and waterfalls, with exotic jungle wildlife and Indians on the way is Suitable for all ages.

Winnie the Pooh’s Hunny Hunt – is a ride in vehicles that resemble honey pots. This is one of the most popular Rides At Disneyland Tokyo. The lines can be up to 2.5 hours, so try it at the very beginning of the day or before closing in the evening. After the first curve, you find yourself watching a short video of Christopher Robin giving Winnie the Pooh a balloon. The cars you ride move in different paths from the other cars, with quick speeding up and braking, and they rotate to face the various scenes along the way. The dark part of the ride though can be scary for the younger kids.

Big Thunder Mountain is a train ride on a runaway train, zigzagging at high speed through a rocky desert with canyons and an old abandoned mine.

Haunted Mansion – Audio is in Japanese only, but it’s one of Disneyland’s Best Rides. The Haunted Mansion is a trip through a creepy house. The trip is funny and occasionally scary.

Space Mountain is a beautifully lit dome. Here you can take a high-speed ride on board a shiny spaceship into outer space.

Splash Mountain follows the cartoon tricks of Brer Rabbit. There is a log waterfall ride. I have to warn you about this one – it has a huge fall near the end of the ride. The height is about five stories tall. Tokyo Disneyland publications call it one of the steepest, highest and wettest Rides At Disneyland Tokyo.About a quarter of the way down the fall you get your picture taken. You can buy the photo if you like when you exit the ride.

Disneyland Shows And Parades

If you are planning on a good seat for the lovely Tokyo Disney parades, note that most of the good spots are taken over 90 mins before the start of the parade.

Keep an eye on the staff that will show you the best spots.

The parades are awesome and you do not need to be a kid to appreciate them.
Surprisingly, the parades are entertaining for adults too.

It’s a very good musical, with spectacular costumes and good singing and dancing.

Dining In Tokyo Disneyland

Note that the queues for sit-down restaurants are long during lunchtime and at breakfast. Popcorn stands lines are extremely long too.

How can you avoid it?

  • You can eat early, or eat later
  • You can bring your own food

Other Theme parks In Tokyo

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo
Sanrio Puroland is a good alternative to Disneyland for younger kids

If you can’t make it to Disneyland and are looking for another theme park that will be popular, particularly with younger kids another option is to visit Sanrio Puroland where you can meet Hello Kitty and many other cute and wacky Japanese characters

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Tokyo Trip Checklist

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