For those that can’t get enough kawaii culture, Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park in Tama City, Tokyo run by Sanrio, the company that brought Hello Kitty to the world.

Enter the kawaii world of Hello Kitty and Sanrio’s cast of cute and cuddly characters

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

Sanrio Puroland is a theme park that brings to life fanciful, whimsical DreamLand Japanese fun. Visit to have a magical trip to see cute Japanese anime characters, experience fun themed rides, visit unique gift shops, and experience colorful shows and musicals.

The amusement park has become one of Tokyo’s most popular attractions

Sanrio Puroland can be reached from downtown Tokyo in about 30 minutes. From Shinjuku Station use the Keio lines to Tama-center Station. Sanrio Puroland is only 5 minutes walk away.

What does Sanrio Puroland have?

Sanrio Puroland Show
Sanrio Puroland Show

Similar to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, Sanrio Puroland puts on a stream of regularly scheduled shows and performances such as the Memory Boys Musical or the always popular Kawaii Kabuki show.

There are three live theaters where you can watch shows along with a film theater and unique gift shops where you can buy candy and merchandise that is unavailable anywhere else.

Popular characters such as Pompompurin, Cinamaroll, My Melody, and Jewelpet share the limelight with some lesser-known characters like our personal favorite Kirimi, a huge, walking, and talking slice of breakfast salmon.

Most of these shows are held at least once each day however there are some that are only held on specific days so if there is something specific that you want to see it may worthwhile checking the website before you purchase your Sanrio Puroland tickets online.

Kawaii kabuki show at Puroland Tokyo Japan
Kawaii kabuki show at Puroland Tokyo Japan

One of the popular regularly scheduled performances is the Kawaii Kabuki show where you can see all your favorite Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Badtz Maru, Dear Daniel, and of course Cinnamoroll put on a Kabuki show.

One such storyline has the team dressed in elaborate warrior costumes as they work to defeat a ghost.

How To Buy Discount Tickets For Sanrio Puroland

Buying discount tickets for Sanrio Puroland is a great way to save money and make your visit even more enjoyable. There are several ways to get discounted admission.

Sanrio puroland is one attraction where you should always pre-purchase your tickets because you save about half of the admission cost than if you just turn up at the front gate and pay there.

We recommend purchasing your tickets on Klook where you can get a very good discount on the full retail price.

Once you have purchased your ticket on Klook all you have to do is scan a QR code on your phone or a printout.

If you plan to visit other attractions during your stay in Tokyo, such as Disneyland or the Tokyo sky tree you can save even more with the Klook Tokyo pass which saves you heaps by combining your tickets.

Puro village

Puroland Village is On The first Floor
Puroland Village is On The First Floor

The main parades and shows take place in Puro village which encompasses the first and second floor and with the Tree of knowledge otherwise known as the wisdom tree as a backdrop.

The first floor is where many of the shows take place and includes the Discovery theater, Fairyland theater, and the Marchen Theater along with the entertainment hall.

Sanrio Town

Sanrio town is only accessed via the ground floor and is home to The My Melody And Kuromi rides and Gudetama Land which is in the Strawberry Hall.

The Food court serves up some oh-so-cute hello kitty-themed food.

Sanrio town also has plenty of places to take pictures with all your beloved Sanrio characters including Hello Kitty, Little twin stars, My melody, and Gutetama.

Sanrio Characters Boat Ride

Sanrio Character Boat Ride
Sanrio Character Boat Ride

The main ride at Sanrio Puroland is the Sanrio character boat ride which looks to be the most popular attraction for kids and adults alike and the only ride where you will have to queue.

This ride, which is on the second floor is in a similar vein to Tokyo Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World” and is something that you won’t want to miss.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise too much but in the Sanrio character boat ride, Hello Kitty decided to throw a party and invited all of her friends along for the ride.

All various Sanrio characters including all your favorites are there and there’s plenty of cute and cheerful singing and swinging about.

Lady Kitty House

Lady Kittys House
Lady Kittys House

The lady kitty house is part of Sanrio Town and is an amazing and somewhat posh residence with various hello kitty-themed decorations designed by famous Japanese graphic designer Yuni Yoshudi.

Don’t forget to have your photo taken with hello kitty and get a printed copy at the end before leaving

Gudetama: The Movie Show

Gudetama Movie Show
Gudetama Movie Show

Another of the more popular attractions is Gadetama: The Movie Show, which is directed by who else but Gedetama himself.

With the help of audience members, everyone’s favorite apathetic egg puts on his directer’s cap and creates a movie clip. You can even join in with the local Japanese kids and speak to Gutetama if you know some Japanese.

Location: Puro Village on the first floor in the Discovery Theater

Gudetama Land

Gudetama Land At Puroland
Gudetama Land At Puroland

For more Gedetama fun there’s also the Gedetama Land attraction where you receive a passport that you can use to play games.

There’s bowling where the pins are soy sauce and mayonnaise bottles. There’s an egg-cracking game and you can also get your photo taken with the Gutetama Character.

Location: In Sanrio Town on the First Floor in Strawberry Hall

Where To Shop At Sanrio Puroland Indoor Theme Park?


Shopping At Senrio Puroland Tokyo Japan
Shopping At Senrio Puroland Tokyo Japan

For those looking to buy a unique memento or product of their most loved Sanrio characters, there is no shortage of places to shop with every level having some kind of shopping available.

Taking Photos At Puroland Theme Park

One of the best things about visiting the Sanrio Puroland theme park is that there are heaps of opportunities to take photos with all your favorite Sanrio characters.

You sometimes have to wait a few minutes for a photo op but there will be no shortage of opportunities throughout the day.

How much do Sanrio Puroland tickets cost?


Sanrio Puroland Parades

Sanrio Puroland Parade
Sanrio Puroland Parade

The parades take place around the wisdom tree

The current main parade is called the Miracle gift parade which has been running since 2015 when it debuted to celebrate Puroland’s quarter-of-a-century anniversary.

  • Miracle Gift Parade
  • Sanrio Starlight Parade
  • Sanrio All-Star Parade “Cosmic Fantasy”

What does Puroland mean in Japanese?

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo
Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

Many people wonder where the name Puroland comes from. Well, it seems that the company’s founder Shintaro Tsuji was a bit of a fan of Spain and the “Puro” in Puroland means “pure” in Spanish.

Welcome to the Pureland!

Sanrio, the company’s name can also be traced back to Spanish. The company used to go by the much more conventional title of the Yamanashi Silk Company but way changed to “Sanrio” in 1973

“Rio” means river in Spanish and “San” means saint and also 3 Japanese. Apparently, they wanted the join the 3 rivers of the world.

Puro Christmas Special

If you will be in Tokyo during the winter and looking for some festive cheer, between November the 5th and December the 26th Puroland puts on a special Christmas-themed attraction which is called Puro Christmas.

You can also purchase limited Christmas-themed goods during this time. Although Japan is not considered a Christian country, the Japanese do enjoy celebrating it in a uniquely Japanese way which is on full display at Puro land.

Who Made Sanrio Puroland?

Open in 1990 by the Japanese company Sanrio

What Food Can I Eat At Sanrio Puroland?

Cute Food is avalable at the Sanrio Puroland Food court
Cute Food is available at the Sanrio Puroland Food court

On the fourth floor of Sanrio Puroland, there are three restaurants/cafes. One of them is the Restaurant Yakata which looked popular.

There’s also a food court on the first floor which is the place to go for cute Sanrio-themed meals.

Sanrio Puroland map

Sanrio Puroland Map And Layout
Sanrio Puroland Map And Layout

Directions To Sanrio Puroland

One of the attractions of Sanrio Puroland is that it’s relatively easy to get to from central Tokyo.

Starting from Shinjuku station, take the Keio Line (purple) or the Odakyu line (dark blue) in the Hashimoto direction and ride about 30 minutes until you arrive at the Keio Tama Center station. From the station, it’s just a 5 minutes walk to Sanrio Puroland.

The nearest station is Odakyu Tama center station.

If you are traveling from other parts of Tokyo, it’s most likely that the best way to get there is to change to the Keio Line at Shinjuku station.

Tip: Make sure to catch the “Keio Line” and not the “New Keio Line” at Shinjuku station

Harmonyland: The other Sanrio Theme Park In Kyushu

If you are also visiting Kyushu in the west of Japan and want even more Hello kitty fun, Sanrio also operates an outdoor theme park in Oita prefecture which is in the Northwest of the island of Kyushu and home of the onsen wonder city Beppu.

It’s called Harmony land and much larger than the Sanrio puroland in Tokyo Japan. There is more of a focus on rides and outdoor attractions making it fun for both kids and adults alike.

When To Visit Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

As with many other attractions in Japan, the ideal time to visit Sanrio Puroland amusement park is on a weekday when it won’t be overly crowded unlike some theme parks can be.

Weekends are busier but not excessively so, while there are some reports of Sanrio Purorld getting extremely busy during school holidays

It’s a nice visit anytime since it takes place indoors.

There is no problem during high-temperature rain and typhoon seasons.

You can view a schedule of events and activities throughout your visit so it can be synchronized with the show schedule.

Where can I stay near Sanrio Puroland  Tokyo?

Although it’s easy to travel to Puroland in Tama New Town from the center of Tokyo, if you want to stay nearby the Keio Plaza Hotel Tama is recommended for all Hello Kitty fans.

This is a fun theme hotel in Tokyo! You can get the best Hello Kitty breakfast by booking a Hello Kitty room at the hotel. Find the availability and book Keio Plaza Hotel. There’s free Wifi and it’s within easy walking distance of Sanrio Puroland.

A Few More Things

  • The entrance and exit are on the third floor
  • The Information center is also on the third floor

Other Theme Parks In And Around Tokyo Japan

In and around Tokyo Japan there is no shortage of other attractions and theme parks to visit.

  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Disney Sea
  • Fuji Q Theme Park


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