Is it possible to step back in time and experience the way of the samurai in modern-day Tokyo?

The Tokyo Asakusa Samurai Sword Experience Tour With Licensed Guide offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of these legendary warriors.

Participants will have the chance to not only observe but also enjoy the ancient art of samurai swordsmanship.

Curious to uncover the secrets of the samurai’s sword techniques and traditions?

This tour might just be the gateway to a truly unforgettable adventure in Tokyo’s historic Asakusa district.

Quick Takeaways

  • Immerse in samurai world with private swordsmanship lessons
  • Explore Tokyo’s historic Asakusa district for cultural insights
  • Witness sword making process and traditions
  • Unforgettable adventure opportunity to connect with Japan’s rich heritage

Tour Details

When embarking on the Tokyo Samurai Sword Experience Tour, you will explore the city on foot, seeing the vibrant surroundings and rich cultural heritage.

The tour includes private lessons where guests can learn the art of samurai swordsmanship from experienced instructors. This hands-on experience allows for a deep dive into the traditional techniques and practices of wielding a katana.

Through these private lessons, participants not only gain practical skills but also a deeper understanding of the cultural significance and historical importance of the samurai sword. This culture provides a unique opportunity to connect with Japan’s rich heritage and traditions in a meaningful way, making for a truly unforgettable experience.


Included in the Tokyo Samurai Sword Experience Tour are private lessons in samurai swordsmanship, providing participants with a hands-on opportunity to learn traditional techniques from experienced instructors.

During the tour, you will also gain insights into the intricate sword making process, witnessing firsthand the craftsmanship involved in creating these iconic weapons.

Plus, the tour delves into the rich history of the samurai, offering a deeper understanding of their culture, traditions, and codes of conduct.

Cancellation Policy

Wondering about the cancellation policy for the Tokyo Samurai Sword Experience Tour? Participants can receive a full refund if they cancel their booking up to 24 hours in advance. However, if the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the tour’s start time, no refund will be granted, and changes won’t be accepted.

In case of weather-related issues, an alternative date will be offered, or participants can opt for a full refund. If you need to cancel, it’s essential to do so within the stipulated time frame to explore alternatives or initiate the refund process smoothly.

Contact Information

For swift assistance or inquiries regarding the Tokyo Samurai Sword Experience Tour, visitors can connect with the Viator Help Center using the provided contact information. The Viator Help Center can provide information on guide availability and local recommendations to enhance the overall experience.

If visitors have any questions about the tour, the Viator Help Center with product code 92136P327 is the go-to resource for guidance. Whether it’s about the availability of licensed guides or seeking local recommendations for places to explore after the tour, the Viator Help Center is there to assist.

Contacting them ensures a smooth booking process and access to valuable insights that can make the tour even more memorable.

Pricing and Terms

To explore the Pricing and Terms of the Tokyo Samurai Sword Experience Tour, visitors can gain valuable insights into the cost structure and conditions associated with this unique excursion led by licensed guides in Tokyo.

The tour starts from $179.98, with prices varying based on group size. Payment options include credit cards and online transactions. Group discounts are available for larger parties, offering a cost-effective way to enjoy this cultural experience.

It’s essential to review the Terms & Conditions provided by Viator to understand the booking process fully. Guests should ensure they have Japanese Yen for any additional transportation costs during the tour.

Common questions

Are There Any Restrictions on What Participants Can Wear During the Samurai Sword Experience Tour?

When participating in the samurai sword experience tour, participants must adhere to a specific dress code for safety reasons and cultural sensitivity. Proper attire is required, and all necessary safety equipment will be provided.

Is There a Limit on the Number of People Who Can Participate in the Tour at Once?

There is a limit on group size to ensure a personalized experience and safety. The guide will provide details on the maximum number of participants. Safety measures are in place to guarantee an enjoyable and secure tour.

Can Participants Take Photos or Videos During the Samurai Sword Experience?

Participants can take photos during the samurai sword experience, but it’s essential to follow cultural etiquette. Respecting the traditions involved is crucial. Engaging in photography should be done with sensitivity and respect for the cultural significance of the activity.

Are There Any Physical Requirements or Restrictions for Participating in the Tour?

Physical requirements and tour restrictions vary. Participants should be over 12 years old. Certain health conditions may limit involvement. Full mobility and ability to walk on foot are necessary. Specific inquiries can be addressed with the guide.

Will There Be Opportunities to Purchase Authentic Samurai Swords or Related Souvenirs During the Tour?

During the tour, participants may have the chance to purchase authentic samurai swords or related souvenirs. Sword craftsmanship and culture opportunities will allow for a deeper understanding of samurai history while acquiring unique mementos.

The Sum Up

Enjoy the world of the samurai on the Tokyo Asakusa Samurai Sword Experience Tour.

With a licensed guide leading the way, you’ll learn the art of swordsmanship and explore the vibrant streets of Tokyo’s Asakusa district.

This unique and hands-on experience is perfect for those looking to explore Japan’s rich cultural heritage and create unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind adventure!

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