Avoid the crowds without wasting your precious time!

  • If you’re wandering how to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets
  • If you don’t know how to get from Tokyo station to Tokyo Disneyland without speaking Japanese
  • If you’re asking yourself how to book an Affordable hotel that’s only 3 min away from the park

Visiting Tokyo Disneyland can be extremely frustrating….

I know this sounds surprising, but I’ve seen too many visitors waste the entire day getting lost, not knowing where to go and what to do. They overspend on tickets, hotels, food, parking…
They book a hotel that needs a 20 min bus ride to the park…

The worst is seeing the disappointment on their faces as they leave the park unfulfilled. If only these people had a Tokyo Disneyland Guide… Here’s the good news –

In this report you will find out everything:

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What Buyers Say about the book:

Julie & Jim, London “We were off to Tokyo for the first time in our lives. We thought it would be difficult enough to get along in Tokyo without knowing Japanese, let alone going out of town to Tokyo Disneyland. But as we kept reading your site we found ourselves wanting to do it.

We bought your ebook and read it front to cover and when we got there we felt like we were totally prepared for all. We managed to get 4 fastpass tickets (can’t thank you enough for that…), knew exactly which rides to go for (and which ones to pass because they are for babies), we never wasted a minute… Everything was so easy. Our visit was total enjoyment, no fuss, no stress… Thank you!”

Linda, Chicago “They sure don’t advertise their fastpass machines at Tokyo Disneyland, do they? Thanks for pointing out the exact location in your ebook or it would have taken us ages to find it…”

Annie, Brisbane”

Ronda, Canada
“…and thanks for the tip on the food. With my 3 hungry teenagers I would have wasted most of the day standing in lines for popcorn if we hadn’t known it in advance.”

Nancy and Andy, New York “We got a great deal on a hotel room overlooking the park. Didn’t think twice before booking it because you mentioned this hotel in your guide and it truly was only 3 min away on the monorail, just like you said. Thanks again!”

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Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea Guide – $19.99

I Guarantee You Will Save On Your Disneyland Tickets, Food, Transportation And Hotels By Buying This Book:

  • Travelers. If you’re in Japan for a short vacation then you owe it to yourself to hit the ground running, and not waste your precious time (and money) on figuring out what to do when you get there
  • Westerners living in Japan. If you have been living in Japan for a while and you’re considering visiting Disneyland Tokyo, then this book could save a lot of heartache. Give yourself the knowledge to make sound decisions on when to come and when to pass
  • Travel Guides and Tour Operators to Japan. Read how to plan a Tokyo Disneyland Tour. Learn what to expect in terms of Best time to visit, peak season, most popular Rides and Tokyo Disneyland Tickets discount
  • Anyone Planning a Trip to Japan. Many travelers-to-be to Japan don’t even know that Tokyo Disneyland is so popular, that at certain times of the year it closes it’s gates as early as noon due to reaching maximum capacity

Get the full 70-page
Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea Guide – $19.99

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will like this Tokyo Disneyland Guide, that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Just return the book within 90 days and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

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This Tokyo Disneyland Guide is an ebook, here are some details on why an ebook is better than an ordinary book

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  • Easy Navigation. My Tokyo Disneyland Guide has direct links from table of contents to pages and chapters within the book. It also has links to webpages both on my site and to outside sources.
  • Zoom-able Text for readers with aging eyes or who are vision impaired – you can take advantage of the zoom features in the PDF format.
  • Search Feature is a standard feature in PDF software. Hit CTRL+F and type in a word or phrase to find every example of it in a document.
  • They Don’t Get Lost. Unlike a normal book you can print it out as many times as you like once you have downloaded it to your computer.

I recommend ebook format from the bottom of my heart, but I must be honest – they do have one disadvantage:

  • You will Need a Printer as you will want to print a copy to take along with you.

Get the full 70-page
Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea Guide – $19.99

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Get the full 70-page
Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea Guide – $19.99

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Tokyo Trip Checklist

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