Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world and makes the Eiffel Tower look like small change.

The Tallest Tower In The World… Just.

Tokyo Skytree - Worlds Tallest Tower

But competition is fierce in the global world of tower building.  When the Japanese authorities learned that the new Guangzhou Tower in China would be 610 meters tall, slightly bigger than the original plans for the sky tree, they added 24 meters to the top.

This ensured that the Tokyo Sky Tree claimed the all-important title of the world’s tallest tower, allowing japan to politely point out that “ours is bigger than yours” to its neighbors across the sea.

The tower cost an estimated $650-million to build.

The Tokyo Sky Tree’s Amazing Observation Decks

The Sky Tree has two pod-shaped observation decks, the first of which (The Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck) is stationed 350 meters up. The 360-degree panoramic views from this height are reported to extend some 70 kilometers into the distance.

Another elevator then takes you 100 meters further up to the Tembo Galleria. The last five meters of this journey are made on foot via a five-meter spiral staircase, leaving guests with the sensation of having sky-walked. The braver guests may even look through a pane of glass flooring down to ground level!

Glass floors make you feel like you’re sky-walking.

Night View From The Sky Tree

Night View Tokyo Skytree

One option is to go to the Tokyo Sky Tree in the evening or just before sunset. This will allow you to enjoy watching the sunset over the giant metropolis that is Tokyo and then watching the city light up.

How To Get To The Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree In November

The incredibly well-signposted Tokyo Sky Tree has its own train station named Tokyo Sky Tree. Regulars to Tokyo may know it under its former name of Narihirabashi, an area packed with cheap eateries which have captured Tokyo’s downtown soul for centuries.

The Sky Tree is also a mere five-minute walk from Oshiage subway station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon and Toei Asakusa Lines. That intent on a touristic feast should disembark at Asakusa Station, home of the iconic Sensoji Temple and adjacent souvenir paradise, and walk the ten minutes from there.

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More Awesome things to Do At Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Skytree

Not only about mere observation, but the ultra-earthquake-proof Sky Tree also has a host of other activities for the entire family to enjoy.

The lower floors of the complex are known as Tokyo Sola Machi, Sky-City, containing numerous top brand names such as Zara, Uniqlo, and Cecil McBee.

The Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District contains 35 stores featuring lanterns fashioned from Edo cut glass.

Solamachi Dining is an intriguing family restaurant positioned 150 meters above ground level and serves up local delicacies from across Japan. In fact, thirty restaurants and coffee shops line the sixth and seventh floors alone.

Tokyo Skytree Town, on the fourth floor, has been billed as the new souvenir paradise of the area, while the complex also plays host to a state-of-the-art modern-day aquarium and planetarium.

Early reports from customers suggest that Sola-Machi is proving just as popular as the observation decks!

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