In the Sumida District, in close proximity to Asakusa, is Tokyo’s most famous modern landmark the Tokyo Skytree.

In 2012 the Tokyo Sky Tree, with 634 meters in height had officially become the tallest building in Japan and the tallest free-standing tower in the world.

The tower includes 2 observation areas offering the perfect panoramic view over the most famous cities around the globe.

You’re sure to enjoy a night view with the best view of Mt Fuji at night, the view over it, or sunset from one of the observation platforms.

The Tallest Tower In The World… Just.



Tokyo Skytree - Worlds Tallest Tower

But competition is fierce in the global world of tower building.  When the Japanese authorities learned that the new Guangzhou Tower in China would be 610 meters tall, slightly bigger than the original plans for the Tokyo Skytree, they added 24 meters to the top.

This ensured that the Tokyo Sky Tree claimed the all-important title of the world’s tallest tower, allowing japan to politely point out that “ours is bigger than yours” to its neighbors across the sea.

The tower cost an estimated $ 650 million to build.


Tokyo SkyTree TicketsTokyo SkyTree’s Tembo deck

There are two options to buy your entrance tickets for the Tokyo Skytree. Either buy tickets in person on the day or pre-purchase online.

Buying Tickets In Person

The ticket counter for the Tokyo Skytree can become very bussy with many international touristsTicket counter for Tokyo Skytree

There are 3 different TICKETS for the Tokyo Skytree. There are advance assigned days tickets, and day tickets for same-day tickets ranging in price from 2100 to 3000 per adult.

Tokyo Skytree is available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. every night, with the final admission starting at 8 p.m.

The Tokyo Sky Tree’s Amazing Observation Decks

One of the two observation decks at the Tokyo SkytreeOne of the two observation decks at the Tokyo Skytree

The Sky Tree has two pod-shaped observation decks, the first of which, The Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck floor is stationed 350 meters up. The 360-degree panoramic views from this height are reported to extend some 70 kilometers into the distance.

Tokyo Skytree glass floorTokyo Skytree glass floor

Another elevator then takes you 100 meters further up to the Tembo Galleria.

The last five meters of this journey are made on foot via a five-meter spiral staircase, leaving guests with the sensation of having sky-walked.

The braver guests may even look through a pane of glass flooring down to ground level!

Night View From The Sky Tree


Night View Tokyo Skytree

One option is to go to the Tokyo Sky Tree in the evening or just before sunset. This will allow you to enjoy watching the sunset over the giant metropolis that is Tokyo and then watching the city light up.

Tokyo Sky Tree Town

Tokyo Solamachi Sky Tree Area TOBUTokyo Solamachi Sky Tree Area TOBU

The Tokyo Skytree itself is the centerpiece of a small indoor city called Tokyo Sky Tree Town. Along with the tower, other attractions in Tokyo sky tree town are a Shopping center, restaurants, an Aquarium, and the fantastic Planetarium Tenku.

How To Get To The Tokyo Sky Tree


Tokyo Sky Tree In November

The incredibly well-signposted Tokyo Sky Tree even has its own train station named, you guessed it.. Tokyo Skytree Station.

Regulars to Tokyo may know it under its former name of Narihirabashi, an area packed with cheap eateries which have captured Tokyo’s downtown soul for centuries.


The Sky Tree is also a mere five-minute walk from Oshiage subway station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon and Toei Asakusa Lines.

For more sightseeing, you can get off at Asakusa Station, home of the iconic Sensoji Temple.

Check out this Tokyo Subway Pass to buy subway tickets in advance instead of wasting your precious time in Tokyo.

More Awesome Things to Do At Tokyo Sky Tree



Tokyo Skytree

Not only about mere observation, but the ultra-earthquake-proof Sky Tree also has a host of other activities for the entire family to enjoy.

The lower floors of the complex are known as Tokyo Sola Machi, Sky-City, containing numerous top brand names such as Zara, Uniqlo, and Cecil McBee.

The Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District contains 35 stores featuring lanterns fashioned from Edo-cut glass.

Solamachi Dining is an intriguing family restaurant positioned 150 meters above ground level and serves up local delicacies from across Japan. In fact, thirty restaurants and coffee shops line the sixth and seventh floors alone.

Tokyo Skytree Town, on the fourth floor, has been billed as the new souvenir paradise of the area, while the complex also plays host to a state-of-the-art modern-day aquarium and planetarium.

Early reports from customers suggest that Sola-Machi is proving just as popular as the observation decks!

History of Tokyo SkyTree

Tokyo Skytree white coler inspired by the lightest shade of traditional indigo dyingTokyo Skytree white coler inspired by the lightest shade of traditional indigo dying

When construction was fully complete, the Tokyo Skytree assumed responsibility to operate the main broadcaster tower in Tokyo from the other iconic tower Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower

Built-in 1958, the Tokyo Tower served as the main broadcast tower for several generations, but when analog broadcasters switched to digital, Tokyo Tower just wouldn’t cut it anymore.

This is because the tall towers nearby disrupted the transmission of signals.

The Japanese government decided therefore to create a tower whose height was much taller than the Tokyo Tower for their new television broadcasting tower.

A bird’s-eye view of Tokyo from the tallest structure in Japan

Tokyo Cityscape From SkytreeTokyo Cityscape From Skytree

Towering over the city skyline, Tokyo Skytree rises at 634 meters and has an incredible panoramic view over Tokyo. On a clear day, you can even see the majestic Mt Fuji peeking over the western mountain ranges.

What to do in the area?

Entrance of TokyoSky Tree SolamachiEntrance of TokyoSky Tree Solamachi

To explore Tokyo Solamachi shopping mall and its surroundings, visit the upper level of TokyoskyTREE. There are over 400 stores and restaurants serving many products with good food.

  • Enjoy shopping here, visit Sumida Aquarium and see marine life, or visit Planetarium Tenku for romance dates.
  • Tokyo Skytree is just 20 mins walk from Asakusa’s traditional city center.
  • In Asakus,a one can feel the old Tokyo vibe, visit a couple of craft shops and try some local snacks from Nakamise Dori.

TOKYO SKYTREE lighting information

Tokyo Sky Tree night viewTokyo Sky Tree night view

Nearly 200 LED lamps are illuminated in TOKYO SKYTREE.

There are two light styles:

Ike represents Edo’s spirit – and Miyabi represents the aesthetic and beauty.

In addition to the standard lighting, the tower is illuminated with various lights in different colors depending on the season or themes such as during Christmas or New Year.

You can view all Lighting Schedules on Tokyo Skytree’s official site.

Getting to Tokyo Skytree: Accessibility

Tokyo SkyTree StationTokyo SkyTree Station

It’s easy to get Skytree in Tokyo. It can be found between Tobu Isesaki and Tokyo Skytree Stations and Oshiage Stations on Asakusa Subway Line, Hanzomon Subway Line, and Keisei Oshiage.

Alternately, it takes 20 minutes to walk from Asakusa to the Sumida River.

Tokyo Skytree Tower entrances are located on the 4th floor of Tokyo Skytree Shopping Center. Tickets for Tokyo Skytree tickets will be picked up on the 4th floor West.

Best views from the TOKYO Skytree observation decks


Tokyo Skytree boasts two observation decks that give guests spectacular views from several angles.

The two Decks are open from 10 am to 10 pm and the last admission is at 9 pm. Visit the decks individually or together.

Tokyo Skytree: The Modern to Asakusa’s Traditional

Tokyo SkytreeTokyo Skytree skyscraper viewed from Asakusa

The Skytree of Japan is located in Oshiage a neighborhood near beautiful Asakusa and the Sensoji Temple.

This is a good place to go to mainly after visiting. Japan has a unique combination of modern and old and nowhere is it as well represented as in this area.

Tokyo Skytree Restaurants: Enjoy a meal at Sky Restaurant 634

Why not have an air-filled lunch at an elevated height and enjoy your surroundings? Sky Restaurant 64 is located at Tembo Gallery Floor 347.

Enjoy a culinary experience combining Edo traditional tastes with modern French cuisine in artistic attempts at capturing the spirit of Edo cuisine.

be warned though, it’s not cheaep, especially in the evening where a set meal will set you back 16,000 yen and up.

There’s also a smart casual dress code and a no kids rule in the evening

The Tembo Galleria at 450 Meters

Tembo Galleria at Tokyo SkyTreeTembo Galleria at Tokyo SkyTree

Tembo Gallery is the second deck of the Tokyo Skytree and is an open corridor of glass with breathtaking views. As you walk along the gentle incline of the Tembo Galleria it has an arc shape and feels almost like an airplane.

To the highest point: SORAKARA POINT

The highest accessible part of Tokyo’s tower is in the upper observatory and is named Sorakara Point with a height of 451.2 meters.

It’s basically a stage whose glass and light create a magical, beautiful environment.

Who designed The Tokyo Skytree?

Sky Tree in Tokyo was designed by artist Kiichimura. It has a typical Japanese design that is inspired by a curve in a Japanese sword and pillars typical to shrines or temples.

Other Observation Decks In Tokyo

metropolitan government building Shinjukumetropolitan government building Shinjuku

While the Tokyo sky tree lays claim to the kingpin titles of Tokyo’s observation decks, it’s far from the only game in town.

There are a number of other skyscrapers scattered around the metropolis where you can get a great view of Tokyo’s skyline and beyond.

They range from the free observation deck in Shinjuku’s Metropolitan Government building, to the breathtaking new open lookout deck right above the famous Shibuya scramble.

And we can’t forget the OG in the tower game, the iconic Tokyo Tower.

Here’s a list of other places in Tokyo where you can ascend to the sky and view the expansive and always amazing city of Tokyo from far up.

  • Tokyo Tower
  • Roppongi Tokyo Observation Tower
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Govermnt Building is Shinjuku
  • Sibuya Scrample Lookout

More Fun Facts About The Tokyo Sky tree

  • The name Skytree was decided after a vote by the public in 2008. The Skytree beat out the competition which reportedly included DreamTower, Rising Tower, and Edo Tower.
  • Tokyo Skytrees Height seemingly wasn’t chosen at random. The character 634 can be read in Japanese as “Musashi” which was a historic name for the Tokyo region when it was just a sleepy fishing village.
  • 東京 スカイ ツリー Is how you write Tokyo Skytree in Japanese
  • The Guinness world records officially recognized Tokyo Skytree as the world’s tallest radio tower
  • It’s the tallest structure in Japan and twice as tall as Tokyo tower

Access To The Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is accessible via Tokyo Skytree Link to Asakusa. Take the Asakusa Hazomon and Keisei Oshiages to the Oshiage Station.

Look for the Tobu Skytree line.

Tokyo Skytree can be reached in 20 mins by foot from Asakusa. For people wanting to ascend the stairs, the entrance and ticket counter can be found on Skytree City’s 4th floor.


Thanks to: Japanvisor’s guide on the Tokyo Skytree
Official Tobu Tokyo Skytree Site

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