The Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350-450) offers visitors the opportunity to explore the iconic Tokyo Skytree at their own pace. With prices starting from SEK 142.87, this ticket provides access to the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria, located at 350 and 450 meters above the ground respectively.

From these observation floors, travelers can marvel at the panoramic views of Tokyo and even take part in the exhilarating skywalk. The ticket also includes traveler photos, reviews, and ratings, allowing potential visitors to get a glimpse of the breathtaking attractions.

In case of any issues, the article addresses customer concerns and resolutions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. So, grab your ticket and prepare to be captivated by the wonders of the Tokyo Skytree.

Quick Takeaways

Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350 450) - Quick Takeaways

  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Access to Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria at Tokyo Skytree
  • Tickets for 2 different observation floors
  • Non-refundable if canceled

Ticket Details and Booking Process

Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350 450) - Ticket Details and Booking Process

Booking the Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350-450) involves a straightforward process that can be completed online. This ensures convenience for travelers who desire freedom and flexibility in their plans. Ticket availability can be checked online, allowing visitors to choose the date and number of travelers before pre-booking their tickets. By doing so, they can avoid waiting in long lines and save valuable time during their visit to Tokyo.

However, it’s important to note that the tickets are non-refundable if canceled. The cancellation policy is strict, and no refund or amendment is allowed once the tickets are purchased. Therefore, travelers should carefully consider their plans before making the booking.

Overview of Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350 450) - Overview of Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree offers visitors access to the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria, located at 350 and 450 meters above the ground, respectively.

The Tembo Deck provides panoramic views of Tokyo, allowing visitors to see famous landmarks such as Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji on clear days. It also features glass floors for a thrilling skywalk experience.

The Tembo Galleria, located higher up at 450 meters, offers a more immersive experience with floor-to-ceiling windows and interactive displays showcasing the history and culture of Tokyo.

The Skytree’s impressive height of 634 meters makes it the tallest tower in Japan and one of the tallest in the world.

It’s a must-visit attraction for those seeking breathtaking views and a unique perspective of the city.

Traveler Photos

Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350 450) - Traveler Photos

Many travelers have captured stunning photos of their experiences at Tokyo Skytree. The observation decks at 350 and 450 meters above the ground provide inspiring views of the cityscape and beyond.

Visitors have captured breathtaking shots of Tokyo’s skyline, including iconic landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji in the distance. The vibrant colors of the city lights at night create a mesmerizing backdrop for photography enthusiasts.

People often capture memories of their loved ones against the backdrop of the panoramic views, creating cherished images that will be treasured for years to come.

Whether it’s a solo adventure or a group outing, Tokyo Skytree offers a fantastic opportunity to capture beautiful photographs and create lasting memories.

Reviews and Ratings

Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350 450) - Reviews and Ratings

Visitors to Tokyo Skytree have expressed their opinions through reviews and ratings. Overall customer satisfaction with the observation deck is rated at 3.5 out of 5 stars, based on 175 reviews from platforms such as Viator and Tripadvisor. In comparison to other observation decks, Tokyo Skytree receives mixed reviews. Some visitors appreciate the breathtaking views from the Tembo Deck at 350 meters above the ground and the thrilling skywalk experience at the Tembo Galleria at 450 meters above the ground. However, others have mentioned that the ticket prices are relatively high and the crowds can be overwhelming, resulting in a less enjoyable experience. Despite the mixed reviews, Tokyo Skytree remains a popular attraction for travelers looking for panoramic views of Tokyo.

Pros Cons
Breathtaking views from the Tembo Deck and Galleria High ticket prices
Thrilling skywalk experience Crowded and overwhelming
Popular tourist attraction for panoramic views of Tokyo Mixed reviews compared to other observation decks

Customer Issues and Resolutions

Customers have encountered various issues while purchasing and using Tokyo Skytree Admission tickets, but the company has implemented resolutions to address these concerns.

Firstly, there was a system bug that prevented some customers from receiving their QR codes. In response, the company has established a refund process for affected customers and is actively working with their IT team to fix the problem. They’ve also issued sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused and assured customers to enjoy the rest of their trip.

Secondly, there have been scammer accusations made by a customer, claiming that the app was a scam and demanding a refund of 6,000 yen. The company promptly responded, apologizing for the accusation and assuring the customer of a refund while actively working on fixing the issue.

Additional Information

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When it comes to visitor feedback, it’s important to note that there’s no specific content provided under this points.

As for ticket availability, no further information or details are provided. Unfortunately, there are no statistics or key points to offer in relation to this points.

It seems that this section of the article doesn’t provide any specific information or details regarding additional information about the Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350-450). Visitors who are seeking more information or have questions are advised to refer to the copyright information and terms and conditions provided by Viator, the company offering the ticket.

Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350-450)

The Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket (Floor 350-450) offers visitors the opportunity to experience the breathtaking views from both the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria. Standing at 350 meters above the ground, the Tembo Deck provides panoramic sights of Tokyo’s skyline.

For those seeking an even more exhilarating experience, the Tembo Galleria, located at 450 meters above the ground, offers a thrilling skywalk experience where visitors can walk along a glass floor and feel like they’re walking on air.

To cater to a diverse range of visitors, the ticket is offered in multiple languages, including English, ensuring that language barriers aren’t a hindrance to enjoying the stunning views.


visitors can easily find their way to the Tokyo Skytree by following the directions provided. The table below provides information on ticket availability and the observation floors at the Tokyo Skytree.

Ticket Availability Observation Floors
Yes Floor 350
Yes Floor 450

The Tokyo Skytree offers tickets for two different observation floors, floor 350 and floor 450. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Tokyo from these heights. To access the Tokyo Skytree, visitors can refer to the directions provided by the venue. The directions are clear and easy to follow, ensuring a hassle-free visit. Once at the Skytree, visitors can purchase tickets for their desired observation floor and begin their ascent to enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

Common questions

What Is the Maximum Capacity of the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria at Tokyo Skytree?

The maximum capacity of the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria at Tokyo Skytree is not specified in the given information. Age restrictions are also not mentioned.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Visiting the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria?

There are no age restrictions for visiting the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria at Tokyo Skytree. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the breathtaking views from these observation floors without any visiting restrictions.

Is There a Time Limit for How Long Visitors Can Stay on the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria?

Visitors to the tembo deck and tembo galleria at Tokyo Skytree do not have a time limit. They can stay as long as they like to enjoy the stunning views. The attraction also offers accessibility options for visitors with disabilities.

Can Visitors Bring Their Own Food and Drinks to Enjoy on the Observation Floors?

Visitors are not allowed to bring outside food or drinks to enjoy on the observation floors of Tokyo Skytree. However, there are food and drink options available at the attraction for visitors to enjoy.

Are There Any Additional Attractions or Activities Available at Tokyo Skytree Besides the Observation Floors?

There are additional attractions and activities available at Tokyo Skytree besides the observation floors. Visitors can enjoy a thrilling skywalk, showcasing views and experiences. It’s a great way to inspire your own visit and share your own photos.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket for Floor 350-450 offers an incredible experience for travelers looking to witness breathtaking views of Tokyo. With access to the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria, visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas and even try the thrilling skywalk.

The ticket provides a smooth booking process and addresses customer issues promptly, ensuring a pleasant visit. Overall, it’s a must-have for those seeking a memorable observation deck experience in Tokyo.

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