Using Your Phone in Japan?
In Most Cases You Can’t

Rent a Cell Phone in Japan to be on the Safe side.Can you use an overseas cell phone in japan? In most cases the answer is no. Learn why it’s better to use a Japanese Cell phone, Prepaid Cell Phones and recommended Companies.

Due to different technologies, cell phones from your home country might not work in Japan.

The major technical issue is the Japanese system that works through PDC, rather than the GSM standard used in North America and Europe mobile systems.

However, this also depends on your local telephone carrier, the style and type of your model and the details in your local mobile plan or subscription.
The best is to check with your local service provider in advance.

Why Using Your Phone In Japan Is An Issue

There are three things you need:

  • Compatibility with the Japanese network – The only foreign mobile phones that work in Tokyo are some 3rd generation models.
  • International roaming plan – With an international roaming plan (from your home service provider) you use your own phone and number, but are charged international roaming rates. This is likely to be expensive.
  • Rental SIM card – Alternatively, with a rental SIM card (from a Japanese provider) you use your own mobile with a Japanese number and lower rates.

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How To Rent A Cell Phone In Japan

Renting a Japanese cell phone while in Tokyo is the Best. Renting is the most economical and simple way.

Before you do any Cell Phone Rental for Japan online, make sure to check out the Rates, and if it has Free incoming calls.

Other important things include the latest models and English characters.,
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Cell Phone In Japan: Companies

Some companies have kiosks at the airports, while other companies will mail it to your hotel. The fees for rental of cellphones vary and usually consist of the daily rental fee plus a usage fee. You can return the phones at the airport or through the mail, depending on the company.

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Prepaid Cell Phone In Japan: Japanese Etiquette

Talking on a mobile while riding the subway is considered inappropriate.
Voice announcements asking passengers not to make calls and to switch their mobile phones to silent mode (“public mode” or “manners mode” in Japanese) are played frequently on the Subway.

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