Bushido Code Of The Samurai Warrior: Japan Ancient History Of The Samurai

Bushido Code Of The Samurai Warrior: Japanese Samurai swords, Why Did the Warriors Commit Suicide, and Amazing Stories of Samurai Women and Ninja warriors.

The Japanese warrior lived by Bushido. It was the Samurai lifestyle. The Bushido code was extreme…

Bushido Code Of The Samurai: Japan Shoguns

The Japanese warriors swore loyalty to their lord in a very dramatic ceremony.The ‘contract’ was signed with the warrior’s blood and the document was burned, then the ashes were mixed into water and drank.

The Samurai Bushido code was about following any order given by the Daimyo immediately, and without asking any questions.

This ceremony went on for generations, with the entire history of the Japanese warriors being loyal to the bloodline of the daimyo.

During fighting, the Japanese warrior would help his daimyo escape if needed by taking the daimyo’s weapon and riding in a different direction in order to distract the enemy.The devotion between Japanese warriors and daimyo was so great that the Ancient warriors committed suicide when their daimyo were killed.This kind of loyalty continued as late as the Meiji Restoration when Maresuke (a high ranking warrior) committed suicide after the death of Emperor Meiji to follow him into death.

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Bushido: The Cruel Code Of The Warriors

For the Japanese Samurai warrior Surrender was not an option. Fighting to death or suicide were the only options. To die in a battle for your master was considered honorable.The most famous of the Rituals in ancient Japan – ritualistic suicide, Seppuku, was done in a situation of losing the battle. The Japanese warrior would stick his sword in his stomach. This is probably the most famous aspect of the Ancient Japanese culture.

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The Truth Behind The Bushido Code Of The Samurai

When you think of the history of the Japanese what normally comes to mind is a symbol of honor, loyalty and devotion. The source of this image is popular Media – movies like ‘The Last Samurai’ movie.

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The reality of the warrior’s lifestyle was not so romantic… Being a Japanese warrior came with status and social respect, but the warriors, no matter what their status, were servants of their daimyo. Presenting exaggerated images of what these warriors were, provides a way for the Japanese to be proud of their origin. It also gives Japan international identity in the world.The bushido code of the samurai is very popular, catching not only in Japan, but worldwide.

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One of the unknown facts about Japan is that Bushido was less a code of honor, and more a strategic manipulation by the Tokugawa Shoguns, to keep the warriors and local daimyo loyal to the shogun.

History Of The Samurai

During the 9th and 12th centuries in Japan the Ancient warriors class also called Bushi (knights/warriors) gave the name to the Bushido code. During the feudal time in the History of Japan, the Kamakura Shoguns ruled. This marked the beginning of 700 years of Japanese history dominated by ancient samurai warriors. In Ancient Japan the warriors class consisted of about 10 percent of the population..The height of art at that time of Japan history was the creation of Japanese swords.The Japanese swords were the warrior’s weapon and pride. Many heads were cut off with it.

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In 1853, Commodore Perry of the U.S. Navy forced the shogun to enter into a trade agreement with the U.S. and cancel the period of isolation in the history in Japan. This sudden encounter with the West contributed to the downfall of the ancient warriors.

The feudal system was eliminated and by initiating a compulsory military service the warriors were left without a position.

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