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Japanese Tea Cups

Fun Facts About Japanese Tea Sets

Ceramics and pottery in Japan are famous for having a unique charm and mystique.The antique cups, bowls and pots are a form of art that has developed during the 15th century, as the tea ceremony became part of everyday life in Japan. Emperors admired the Korean artisan potters, and payed them a fortune to come to work in Japan.Because of the war going on between Japan and Korea, the Korean artisans had to hide in secluded villages in Japan. In these villages they created the beautiful and delicate pieces of Antique art, to the delight of the emperors.

These villages continued to develop to this day to be pottery and ceramic centers, and most of them became pottery schools.

The Original Antique Japanese Tea Sets

Families in Japan often pass Antique Sets from one generation to the other.
Japanese Tea Pots and Tea Cups are often given as gifts. Many families have several Sets. There is a set for everyday and another set that is reserved for ceremonies.
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Japanese Tea Pots

All the pieces of the Set, which typically consist of Pots, Cups and bowls can be stylish and decorative or simple and practical.

Pots and bowls come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and sizes. Some of the pots are cast in iron.

The unique qualities of this Japanese art form include A-symmetry in form and decoration, and empty spaces as a harmonizing motive.
The brush strokes resemble the art of painting and calligraphy in Japan.

You don’t need a special occasion or a ceremony to bring out your tea cup. I use my Japanese tea bowls every day. It takes the same time to brew Green Tea in beautiful pots as it does in a simple one. This just makes the drinking break into a moment of beauty.

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