Secrets Of Kabuki Makeup, Kabuki Masks, And Kabuki Theater

Check out Secrets about Kabuki Makeup, Kabuki Masks, and Souvenirs. Discounts for Japanese Kabuki Theater in Tokyo.


Fun Facts About Kabuki Theater And Kabuki Makeup

Kabuki play is a bit like a soap opera – its all about love, revenge and secrets. Kabuki theater started during the Edo period, so its a part of Ancient Japanese culture.The Japanese government didn’t like the sexually provocative elements in this theater at the time, and in order to tone it down Women Actors were not allowed to play in this theater any more.From 1629 only male actors perform in Kabuki plays. Male actors play the roles of females.

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Where To See Kabuki Theater?

kabuki-2 Kabukiza Theater in Ginza Tokyo, is the best place to see Japanese Kabuki Theater. Ancient Japanese culture comes to life in these shows.
The plays take 3 hours, but you can buy tickets for just one act of the Theater, which takes about 30 minutes.

You can also rent English headphones.

Check out their official Website: Kabuki Tokyo Events by Month
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Here’s The #1 Souvenir From Kabuki Make up

The most exciting part of this theater is the dramatic Kabuki makeup (Masks) worn by the actors. The makeup ‘Kabuki masks’ create a white painted face.The colors of the ‘masks’ are symbolic. They give a clue of the gender, age or status of each character. A mask also hints on the temper and personality of the character.Each actor applies his own make up, in a process that takes hours.

The thick coat of white makeup is made from rice powder.

On top of the white color of the Makeup, the eyes and mouth are painted in red and black lines.
Supernatural heroes and criminals, who appear often in these plays, get a special style of makeup which is even more dramatic!

The most common colors used in this Theater are dark red, which represents anger, passion, or brutality, and dark blue, which represents melancholy or hopelessness.

A common souvenir from Kabuki make up is a silk handkerchief that the actors pressed to their faces to make a print of their makeup.

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