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Pictures of Japanese warriors can be very dramatic. The clothing, masks, weapons and swords can all be seen in these warrior’s Artwork. The Japanese warriors swore loyalty to their master in a very dramatic ceremony. The ‘contract’ was signed with the warrior’s blood and the document was burned, then the ashes were mixed into water and drank.

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The Bushido code was about following any order given by the Daimyo immediately, and without asking any questions. According to the Bushido code surrender is unthinkable. That’s why when the battle was lost, the warriors committed ‘seppuku’ – the Ritual of suicide.
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The ideal warrior was supposed to be honorable, loyal and brave. So brave in fact, that he was expected to commit ‘seppuku’ – the Ritual of suicide, when the battle was lost. According to the Bushido code surrender was unthinkable. The Japanese warrior would stick his sword in his stomach. This is probably the most famous aspect of the Japanese warrior’s culture.

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Surprising as it may sound, many women at that time knew how to use the Japanese swords!!Apparently they were expected to fight and defend their house and children, and die with honor.Women were taught the same values as any Japanese warrior.During the famous Battle in Aizu many women participated in the fighting against the Emperor’s forces.

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