Tokyo Narita Airport Information: Narita Airport Transportation, Narita Airport Layover, Narita Hotel

Tokyo Narita Airport is the main international airport for Tokyo. Flights to Tokyo usually land in Narita, although Haneda Airport serves International flights too.

Narita is located 70 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

Tokyo Narita Airport Transportation

Peak Hour Narita – Since the Airport in Tokyo is located 70 km outside Tokyo city, traffic jams are an important issue to consider.
Rush hours mean a one to two hour drive to the city. Exact time depends on the type of transportation you choose to use.

When are Rush Hours?

Rush hours in Tokyo and surroundings are between 7.30-9am and from 5-7pm.
Tokyo Transportation system serves around 35 million people a day, so not an easy thing to tackle after an international flight.

Narita Airport limousine Bus.The fastest way to get to and from Narita Airport is by rail. That is Only if you’re traveling light – very few suitcases, and have no problem carrying them along the long corridors of Tokyo Subway.If you have a lot of luggage taking a Narita Airport limousine Bus is the Most convenient way.

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