Shopping In Japan is paradise, but some of the best Tokyo City shopping is a hidden secret and cannot be found in tour books.

Tokyo Shopping means high-end department stores, designer boutiques, flagship stores of almost every brand, tiny traditional shops, and second-hand stores. Each shopping area in Tokyo has its own unique flair – Ginza, Omotesando, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara.

Electronics and Gadgets

Akihabara Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo’s worldwide famous and iconic Gadgets Area – Akihabara. Cameras, computers, watches, CDs, DVDs, video game software, game consoles, and mobile equipment. More than 6 city blocks of shopping heaven! Find out why many of the stores unique to Tokyo City have the latest and most up-to-date Gadgets in the world. Things you’ll see in your home country only a year or two from now. As a tourist in Japan, you can buy in the duty-free shops that allow you to claim back the tax.

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Sony Building in Ginza – 3 floors of the newest products by Sony- high definition televisions, cameras, mobile computers, mobile phones and Play Station are all displayed in the showrooms for all gadget lovers to try.

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High-End Japan Clothing

Omotesando Shopping

Omotesando Street is ‘Tokyo’s Fifth Avenue, an elegant boulevard lined with elm trees, designer shops, and small cafes. It’s a great place to stroll, do some window-Shopping, and enjoy a chic ambiance while avoiding the heavy crowds of Midtown. The Best international fashion designers have put up a store in Omotesando: Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s, Prada, and many more.

Shopping In Japan doesn’t get any better than this.

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Ginza Tokyo: Most fashion brands you can think of-Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Prada Gucci and Coach-have stores in the area. Well-off Japanese women and Geishas with their supporting businessmen shop here. Best department stores in Tokyo are here: Wako, Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya, Seibu, Hankyu, and Mikimoto pearls, the inventors of cultured pearls. Nearly all department stores have excellent basement food courts. Great if you want to take home some Traditional Japanese Foods.

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Affordable Tokyo Fashion

The Huge department stores in Shibuya sell trendy, high-quality Japanese fashion for an Affordable price: Parco, Seibu, and Tokyu Hands, all have reasonable prices compared to Ginza or Omotesando areas.

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Cheap Shopping In Japan

100 yen shops – huge shops offering everything, really everything, for 100 Yen. You can stock up on Japanese pots, teacups, and bowls for taking home, Cute toys, Japanese erasers, and exotic Japanese food.
One of the largest 100 yen shops in Tokyo is Daiso Harajuku in Takeshita Dori, just a few steps from Harajuku Station.

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Shopping For Kids

KiddyLand – THE toy store in Tokyo, for the young at heart, and not just for children. Heaps of the stuff that Japanese girls love to call “kawai” = cute. Three floors of Hello Kitty, Puca and other brands on everything from lunch boxes and towels to mouse pads and notebooks. The sweetest things you have ever seen. (Update-the store has been moved to an alley off Omotesando called Cat street, across the street from Omotesando hills).
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Hakuhinkan Toy Park, Ginza is one of the oldest and largest toy stores in Japan (first opened in 1899). (South end of Ginza-dori by the elevated highway),
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Second-hand shops

Great deals can be found in the many second-hand shops in the small streets surrounding the Shinjuku subway station. Japanese women, which are very fond of designer labels also get tired of them quickly. Designer bags sunglasses and jewels at unbelievably low prices can be found in these shops around Shinjuku station.
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Tokyo Trip Checklist

  • To make sure you have all the important things covered see my first-time-in-Tokyo guide
  • Get your 1,2 or 3-day Tokyo Unlimited Subway Pass to easily get around Tokyo
  • If you want to travel on bullet trains you can save big with a Japan Rail Pass. Here’s why is worth it.
  • You’ll need a prepaid sim or Portable WIFI to stay connected in Tokyo.
  • Check out my detailed Tokyo packing list to make sure you’re prepared.
  • The best site to book hotels in Tokyo is almost always And remember to book early, especially during busy times.
  • For travel insurance (which you need) Word Nomads offer great coverage in Japan and are highly recommended.

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