Japan Cherry Blossom Festival: A Beginner’s Guide to Top 10 Best places for Cherry Blossom viewing in Tokyo.

Tokyo events during Cherry Blossom Festival include Picnics at the parks, Parties, Special Cherry Blossom dance and music shows,

Tea ceremonies at the Japanese Gardens and Cherry Blossom Desserts.

Japan Cherry Blossom: Things To Do

Huge picnics and Parties go on during Cherry Blossom festival in Tokyo. japan_cherry_blossom_1-3

Japanese people see the Cherry Blossom Festival as an opportunity to wind down, socialize and drink.

Some Picnic places are so popular, the locals spread a picnic sheet early in the morning and mark it with their name and starting time.

You just need to know Where is all the Fun, and join in on the co-workers, friends and families celebrating with Sake, beer and traditional festival foods.

There’s no reason for you to worry about missing Cherry Blossom any More! 

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10 Tokyo Places For Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival

During festival days, everyone is out, strolling along the Parks, Shrines and River. Some places get very crowded, others allow you to enjoy Cherry Blossom in a more quiet Settings.

Top picks

  • The Japanese Gardens in Tokyo:
    Hama-Rikyu Garden
    Rikugien Garden
    Also check out their opening times for evening viewing of Cherry Blossom flowers.

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  • Chidorigafuchi Koen Edo Castle: The sight of the moats of this Castle covered in pink flowers is breath taking. Rowing boats are available for rent. Its also a beautiful spot for evening viewing. Getting There: Hanzomon or Kudanshita Station.

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  • Yasukuni Shrine: 1000 Cherry Blossom trees on the grounds of this shrine make it a Must-See spot for Cherry Blossom viewing in Tokyo.
    The Cherry Blossom trees in Yasukuni Shrine are the representative trees for announcing the start of the blossom in Tokyo.
  • The Imperial Palace Tokyo Gardens.The Gardens are open to the public at certain hours and especially beautiful during cherry blossom season (and also during plum blossom, February and Early March).
    See More: Imperial Palace Tokyo Gardens
  • Sumida River Park: The Park stretches along both sides of the Sumida River. A good starting point is at Asakusa Tokyo subway Station. Check out the food stalls with the popular Dango – a chewy snack made from rice flour, part of the traditional food eaten during Japan Cherry Blossom. You can also rent a boat and enjoy the sight of the Cherry blossom trees from the River.

    See More: Asakusa Tokyo

  • Koishikawa Botanical Gardens: A large park with many Japanese cherry blossom trees and a Japanese style garden. There is a small admission fee here. Getting there: Hakusan or Myogadani subway Stations.

    See More: Tokyo Subway Map

  • Inokashira Park: A little bit off the beaten track comparing to other Tokyo parks and gardens during Cherry Blossom. This park offers peaceful, poetic scenery with a pond. You can rent a Boat. There is no admission fee here.

    Getting there: Kichijoji subway Station.

  • The road leading to Aoyama Cemetery: Lined by hundreds of Japanese cherry blossom trees, its a spectacular scene, worth the ride.
    Getting there: Nagasaki or Gaienmae subway Station.
  • Shinjuku Gyoen: Western and Japanese style gardens with more than a thousand cherry Blossom trees of over a dozen species. It’s located in the cenral Shinjuku area, so expect more crowds here. Getting there: 5-10 minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

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  • Ueno Park: More than 1000 trees along the pass leading towards the National Museum and around the Pond.
    This is by far one of Tokyo’s most crowded, noisy and popular cherry blossom spots (A few steps from Ueno Station).

More Things To Do In Tokyo During Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

Amusement Parks, Day Trips from Tokyo, Fish Market, Geisha, Kabuki Theater, Karaoke, Mt Fuji, Tokyo Museums, Observatory (Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills,Tokyo Sky Tree), Onsen & Sento, Sumo and Shopping, these are just some of the fantastic Tokyo Attractions available during Spring in Tokyo.

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