Grab a copy of the Tokyo subway map for free right on this page and learn How to buy the Cheapest subway tickets and why buying Japan rail pass offers Great savings (on your Subway rides too).

The subway is the easiest and fastest way to get around the city, and it’s very safe.

Any point in the center of the city is hardly five minutes walk from the nearest subway station.

A free Tokyo Subway Map in English is available at most subway stations and also posted on the wall of every station.

How To Buy A Tokyo Subway Pass

Subway tickets are sold from automated vending machines. The ticket vending machines have an English language option.
But I would recommend buying the Tokyo Subway tickets in advance because it saves you time when you land in Tokyo, and time is your time in Tokyo is very expensive. Rather spend it touring the city than trying to figure out the ticket machines. This ticket enables you to use all subway lines within Tokyo for as long as it is valid. There are a few options: for 24, 48, or 72 hours and they are cheaper than buying a new ticket every time you hop on a train.
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How To Use The Subway

Swipe the subway card over the card reader on the gate. When you swipe your ticket, it will display the amount of cash left on your card. On the platform – line up behind the white line which indicates where the doors will open.

At the exit you swipe your card again.

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How To Find Your Way In The Japanese Subway

It’s really very Easy… Don’t go out of the station without knowing the right exit number for your destination. The passageways are endless. You can find your exit number easily on the vicinity maps which are located on the platforms and after exiting the fare gate.

Subway workers are also very willing to help.

  • Signs on stations include the station names in English. Each line has a letter (example: the Ginza line has a line symbol of G) and a color.
  • When you arrive at the platform you have to decide between the two sides – each side takes you to the opposite direction of the line.
  • There are two ways of recognizing your preferred station / direction-
    1. * Using the station name as your guide – they appear in English.
    2. * Using the letter and number code of the station to identify it. The letter stands for the line, the number reflects where on the line the station is.

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What Is The Japan Rail Pass?

In MOST cases, the Japan Rail Pass discounts can offer Great savings. The Japan Rail Pass is a Pass Discount good for a set number of days (7, 14 or 21 Days) with access to 20,000 km of train network. You can get practically to any of Japan Tourism spots with the Rail Pass.

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Fun Facts About The Subway In Japan

The subway serves around 35 million people, 8 million of those people commute into the city every morning! In spite of the amount of commuters, the subway system operates so efficiently and punctually that it would put most other cities of the world to shame.

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The average Japanese office worker spends an hour and a half every morning and evening on the Subway. Rush hours extend from 7.30am to 9am and from 5pm to 7pm. Rush hours are not for those who value their personal space. The benches on board fold up to maximize capacity, platform attendants wearing white gloves push passengers through the doors.

Some lines have women-only cars during the morning rush hours, so women and young kids can avoid the pushing.

The subway in Japan is probably the cleanest on earth. Maintenance people clean it non-stop: wiping the railway, disinfecting the ticket vending machines… No wonder it smells good.

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