Japan is known for its extreme weather, with scorching summers and freezing winters. But did you know that there’s also a rainy season? From mid-May to June, and during September, Japan experiences heavy rainfall. Sometimes in September, typhoons bring strong winds and storms.

However, even outside of these months, it’s possible to encounter rain in Tokyo. Don’t worry though. There are plenty of things to enjoy in rainy Tokyo without any worries or fears.

Japan’s Rainy Season

Tokyo In The Rain ()

If you’re planning a trip to Japan during its beautiful rainy season, get ready for an exciting adventure. Embrace this time of year as it offers many opportunities to enjoy your journey. This guide will give you insights into what awaits and suggest activities to make the most out of your experience.

Firstly, make sure you are prepared. If your hotel doesn’t provide rain gear, easily find umbrellas and ponchos at nearby convenience stores like 7/11 or Lawson. You can also check out the budget-friendly 100yen store. Now get ready for an amazing exploration of Japan no matter the weather.

Explore Art on a Rainy Day: teamLab Planets

When it’s raining in Tokyo, why not visit a museum or attend an exhibition? There are many art and cultural museums to choose from in the city. One interesting option is teamLab Planets.

teamLab Planets is currently one of Japan’s most talked-about attractions. As you enter this amazing museum, prepare to be amazed by unseen wonders. Follow the beautiful lights that guide your way and let yourself be fully immersed in a sensory journey like no other. You’ll encounter captivating scenes that will leave lasting memories.

This magical place offers endless opportunities for striking photographs at every corner – truly Instagram-worthy moments. Because of its popularity among visitors from both near and far, we recommend getting tickets ahead of time to avoid long waits or potential disappointment.

Tokyo National Museum: A Fascinating Collection

The Tokyo National Museum is a special place that houses more than 120,000 exhibits. It has beautiful buildings and holds many valuable items, including 89 national treasures and 648 important cultural objects. The museum was first located at Yushima Seido in 1872 but moved to Ueno Park in 1882.

When you visit this amazing museum, you will see incredible displays of Buddhist statues, traditional crafts, paintings from different time periods, and even samurai armor. All of these things show the rich history of Japanese art. In the Toyokan section of the museum, there are also fascinating artworks from ancient civilizations like China’s heritage, Korea’s contributions to artistry India’s vibrant creations , Central Asia’s intriguing pieces,and Egypt’s timeless elegance.

This extraordinary institution not only values Japan’s own culture but also promotes diversity by hosting special exhibitions from all over Japan as well as international showcases throughout the year.Therefore,the entrance lines outside their doors are always long with eager visitors. With so much captivating content inside these walls,it might take longer than just one day to explore everything.Finally,to enter,you need ¥1k (adults) or ¥500 (university students).

Tokyo Toy Museum Yotsuya Shinjuku

Welcome to the Tokyo Toy Museum in Yotsuya Shinjuku. This amazing place is perfect for kids of all ages. It has three floors and even a fun outdoor playground for sunny days. Inside, you can see toys from over 100 countries, including cool Japanese ones like bamboo-copters and spinning tops.

If you’re older than three years old, there are awesome workshops where you can make your own special toy creations. These activities are designed for different age groups and will help bring out your creativity.

What makes this museum unique is that it’s located in an old elementary school building. You’ll get a glimpse into Japan’s educational history while having fun with toys.

Even if you’re not really into toys, this place is still worth exploring because of its interesting location. So come visit today. Admission tickets are affordable at ¥800 per adult and ¥500 per child. We promise you’ll have a wonderful time full of excitement and joy.

 National Museum of Nature and Science

The National Museum of Nature and Science is one of Japan’s oldest museums. It can be found in Ueno Park, Tokyo. The museum has two main parts called the Japan Gallery and Global Gallery. In the Japan Gallery, you can learn about how Japanese society has changed over time and see a real Hachiko dog during special exhibitions. In the Global Gallery, you can explore humanity’s history from cosmology to life on Earth itself.

One exciting thing at this museum is their exhibition with huge dinosaur fossils that amaze visitors from all around the world. If you’re interested in visiting, adult tickets cost ¥630 but high school students or younger kids can enter for free

National Museum of Western Art in Ueno Park

Located in the beautiful Ueno Park, this museum is dedicated to displaying stunning Impressionist artworks. These masterpieces were generously given by the government of France. As you approach the museum, you’ll be greeted by magnificent sculptures created by Auguste Rodin. The museum and its gardens are adorned with these elegant statues. This remarkable institution has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptional offerings throughout the year. You can admire breathtaking displays that showcase artistic traditions from the West, along with temporary exhibitions from around the world. Admission fees are ¥500 for adults and ¥250 for university students.

Miraikan: The Museum of Science and Innovation in Japan

Miraikan, also known as The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Japan, is a great place to explore high technology. It shows how important science and technology are for our future. Inside Miraikan, there are three permanent exhibitions called ‘Frontiers Unveiled,’ ‘Forge Your Destiny,’ and ‘Reveal Earth’s Secrets.’ One amazing exhibit is Geo-Cosmos, which looks like a globe showing the changing weather patterns on Earth from space.

The Dome Theater at Miraikan has 3D short films about science or outer space that make you feel like you’re really there. Each film lasts about half an hour. To enjoy both the exhibits and movies at Miraikan, get tickets that cover both attractions.

Visit Miraikain on Odaiba island—the cool futuristic part of Tokyo—for ¥630 per adult ticket (¥210 if you’re between 6-18 years old).

The Mori Art Museum: Contemporary Art in Tokyo

The Mori Art Museum is a popular cultural institution located in the lively Roppongi district. It showcases modern art from Japan and other parts of Asia, attracting over one million visitors each year. The museum’s collection includes artwork from both local artists and those influenced by international styles. They regularly host temporary exhibitions that explore unique themes, keeping audiences engaged with ever-changing artistic expressions. In addition to these special displays, the museum also features carefully curated masterpieces selected from their extensive collection of over 400 artworks.

Please note that admission fees may vary for different exhibitions based on specific contexts or featured elements during certain periods

Namja Town: A Fun Family Experience in Ikebukuro

Namja Town is a cool indoor amusement park located in Ikebukuro, which is a great place for families to have fun together. This awesome park has lots of exciting things to do, tasty restaurants to eat at, and entertaining stage shows that will definitely keep your kids entertained. It’s part of the huge Sunshine City shopping complex in Ikebukuro, making it even more appealing.

The best thing about Namja Town is Fukubukuro 7 chome Shopping Street – a wonderful replica of an old-timey era. When you step onto this nostalgic street, it feels like you’re traveling back in time to Tokyo during the 1950s and 1960s when everything was vibrant and lively. Not only does it take you on a historical journey but also gives you authentic flavors through its famous Gyoza food court.

If you love gyoza dumplings (who doesn’t?), then this place will make your heart skip a beat. The specialized food court offers mouthwatering Japanese pan-fried dumplings from different regions across Japan. They have over ten different locations dedicated solely to serving these delicious finger foods regularly. You’ll never get tired exploring all the scrumptious variations available.

To visit Namja Town, all you need is an admission ticket that costs ¥500 for adults and ¥300 for children – totally worth every penny considering all the amazing experiences waiting inside those doors.

Tokyo Arcades: Gaming Fun in Japan

Tokyo, Japan is famous for its awesome arcades like Taito Station and Club Sega. These places have bright lights, cool music, and sometimes lots of people which make you feel like you’re really inside a video game. You can play all kinds of games at these arcades – from old classics to new favorites. Try your hand at Pacman or test your luck with the crane machines to win that special toy.

One thing locals love doing at the arcade is taking purikura pictures. It’s this super cool photo booth that has fancy editing tools built right in. You can choose different designs to make yourself look even cooler before snapping unforgettable photos as souvenirs – all for just a small fee. And here’s a secret tip: some locations in Taito Stations let you borrow costumes for free.

But there’s more than just playing games at Tokyo arcades. Get ready to be amazed by talented drummers playing taiko no tatsujin – it’s kind of like a game where they show off their amazing rhythm skills while sitting on chairs nearby. Even if singing isn’t really your thing, this mesmerizing alternative lets anyone follow along with easy on-screen instructions while getting better and better at drumming along with pulsating beats.

Indoor Amusement Park: JOY POLIS

JOY POLIS is a super cool indoor amusement park in Odaiba. You can have an awesome time there with exciting roller coasters and spooky haunted houses. But that’s not all. They also have arcade games, thrilling rides, and lots of stuff from your favorite anime shows.

And guess what? If you go on your birthday, you get in for free. Plus, they give you this special pass thingy that lets you ride everything as much as you want all day long.

If you’re an adult, the entrance fee is ¥800. For students from elementary to high school, it’s only ¥500.

You can buy a one-day pass online through Rakuten Travel Experience e-ticket service starting at just ¥3,200. That way, nothing can stop your endless fun at JOY POLIS.

KidZania: Fun Jobs for Kids.

KidZania is a famous place where families can go to have fun. It’s an indoor entertainment center that lets kids experience what it’s like to work in different jobs. The center has a mini town just for kids, with 100 different types of jobs they can try out. When the kids do these jobs, they earn special money that they can only use inside KidZania. The price to get into KidZania depends on how old you are and when you want to visit.

Sanrio Puroland: The Ultimate Indoor Theme Park

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo
Sanrio Puroland is a good alternative to Disneyland for younger kids

On a rainy day you can’t beat Sanrio Puroland, the best (and cutest) indoor theme park in Japan. Get ready to dive into a world full of beloved characters like Hello Kitty and Gudetama. You’ll be amazed by incredible live performances from talented dancers and adorable appearances by your favorite characters.

But wait, there’s more. Enjoy cute rides made just for you and explore unique shopping opportunities. Treat yourself with delicious food inspired by our lovable Sanrio characters at our delightful restaurants.

And don’t forget to capture precious moments with your favorites – make sure to take some pictures. Admission tickets for weekdays are ¥3,300 (adults) and ¥2,500 (children), while weekends cost ¥3,900(adults) and ¥2,800(children). To avoid any hassle, we recommend getting an e-ticket through Rakuten Travel.

Come experience why people say that Sanrio Puroland is the cutest place in all of Japan. Whether you’re visiting with family or friends- this magical wonderland guarantees endless fun-filled memories for everyone involved.

More: Sanrio Puroland Guide: The Hello Kitty Theme Park In Tokyo

Explore LEGOLAND Tokyo

Discover a fun indoor amusement park in Odaiba filled with LEGO-themed adventures. Enjoy exciting games, a 4D theater, factory tours, and workshops to build amazing creations using LEGO bricks. Experience all the wonder at LEGOLAND Tokyo for just ¥2,250~ per person.

Explore Tokyo Mystery Circus: A Captivating Amusement Haven

Discover the captivating world of Tokyo’s most exciting circus located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku’s vibrant nightlife district. Step into the expansive indoor amusement park known as Tokyo Mystery Circus and immerse yourself in thrilling escape games and mysterious adventures. Solve mind-bending puzzles and even encounter special collaborations with popular anime characters that change each season. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese fluently – there are experiences available for bilingual explorers too. Unveil this fascinating realm at Tokyo Mystery Circus, where admission costs may vary depending on your chosen escapades.

Discovering Japanese Food: A Tourist’s Adventure

Embarking on a journey to Japan, many people eagerly come in search of its famous food heritage – a delicious blend of fresh seafood and tasty noodles. With all this amazing freshness and yumminess, why not learn how to make authentic Japanese cuisine? By doing so, you can enjoy your newfound knowledge when you return home while eating your own favorite Japanese dishes.
In the midst of this cultural exploration is an invitation to join our special Ramen cooking event combined with mastering Gyoza dumplings. Located in Tokyo, we are a unique place where passionate chefs share their insights into traditional recipes passed down through generations.
But that’s not all… Of course. No trip would be complete without visiting Tsukiji fish market – your ticket to discovering hidden secrets among piles of beautiful seafood treasures. And don’t forget about making sushi yourself under expert guidance as you carefully shape rice grains onto fresh pieces straight from the ocean.
Come join us now on this exciting adventure where every turn reveals new discoveries steeped in timeless traditions; each bite forever capturing heartwarming memories etched onto palates far and wide.

Experience the Amazing Ninja Encounter in Tokyo.

Discover the exciting world of ninjas, not just from stories or cartoons, but through a unique experience led by Musashi Ichizoku. Musashi comes from a long line of ninja-samurai and has deep knowledge about this ancient art form that thrived for over 250 years under the Tokugawa Shogunate. You’ll have this incredible encounter at their traditional training center near Tokyo Tower where real-life ninjas will teach you valuable skills and techniques. Join us on this authentic journey as expert instructors share fascinating historical tales while guiding you through each move and weapon used during training sessions. It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your time in Japan.

Discover the Samurai Culture in Tokyo

Step into the captivating world of samurai culture right here in Tokyo. Experience unique and exciting activities that will transport you back in time. Learn the graceful art of Kembu through dance lessons, accompanied by a fun photo session to capture your memories. Alternatively, take part in private sword instruction from an authentic samurai lineage, unveiling history’s secrets.

Immerse yourself even deeper by dressing up in traditional kimono attire and learning fundamental techniques for wielding a powerful blade. Feel like a true warrior as you slice through resilient grass mats with a real sword.

Choose between our esteemed Dojo venue located at the heart of Tokyo or head over to Machida for their incredible Samurai Experience where expert guidance allows exclusive access to wield amazing katana weaponry.

Embark on these remarkable journeys designed to fully immerse yourself in Japan’s revered warriors’ legacy and traditions without ever retracing familiar paths twice.

Explore Aqua Park Shinagawa.

Discover the amazing Aqua Park Shinagawa, located in Tokyo’s lively eastern district. Dive into a world of fascinating underwater creatures and be amazed by impressive light displays. Get ready for thrilling performances accompanied by breathtaking lights that will leave you in awe. Conveniently situated near Shinagawa station at the prestigious Shinagawa Prince Hotel, this incredible attraction is surrounded by a variety of dining options to suit different tastes. Enjoy flexible hours as Aqua Park Shinagawa stays open until 10 pm, making it perfect for an adventure after dinner. Get your e-tickets today for just ¥2,200 (adults) or ¥1,200 (children).

Sumida Aquarium at Tokyo Skytree Town

The Sumida Aquarium is located on the 5th and 6th floors of the amazing Tokyo Skytree. Unlike other aquariums, you can go wherever you want here – there’s no set path to follow. You’ll be surrounded by over 10,000 interesting sea creatures from all angles. This extraordinary aquarium has Japan’s biggest indoor water tanks, so you can get really close to cute penguins and delightful fur seals. To visit this incredible underwater experience in Tokyo Skytree Town, tickets cost: ¥2,300 for adults; ¥1,700 for high school students; and ¥1,o00 for elementary through junior high school students.

Tokyo Sea Life Park: A Must-Visit Aquarium

Tokyo Sea Life Park is a public aquarium located near Kasai Rinkai Park. It has over 600 different types of sea creatures, making it quite impressive. One of the main attractions here is watching a large group of tuna swimming gracefully in a huge tank shaped like a doughnut. To enter Tokyo Sea Life Park, adults need to pay ¥700, while seniors aged 65 and above can enjoy a discounted rate of ¥350. Teenagers between the ages of 13-15 only have to pay ¥250 for admission. Don’t forget to explore other amazing aquariums around Tokyo as well – we’ve put together an awesome list just for you.

Experience Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo

Witness the incredible sport of sumo wrestling up close and personal with our expert-guided tours. Explore a local stable to observe morning training sessions, immersing yourself in this unique cultural experience. Choose between our Grand Sumo Tournament Tour or the Morning Practice Tour for an unforgettable encounter with Japan’s captivating national sport.

Don’t miss out on reserving your spot during January, March, or September when exciting events like The Grand Sumo Tournament take place indoors. Even on rainy days, you can still enjoy thrilling matches thanks to the covered facilities.

For a deeper understanding of sumos and their traditional aspects, join one of our tours where experts share insightful narratives about this beloved Japanese sport. Make sure to check out our informative blog entries dedicated solely to everything ‘Sumolistic’ for comprehensive details and tips on securing tickets effortlessly.

Embark on this mind-blowing spectacle that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Experience Baseball at Tokyo Dome.

Baseball is hugely popular in Japan, and if you’re visiting between March and October – when the season takes place – make sure to catch a live game. On these exciting days, you’ll see lots of Japanese fans proudly wearing team jerseys as they head to the stadium. Located in Tokyo city is the famous Tokyo Dome, where the Yomiuri Giants baseball team plays their home games with an incredible fan base. Don’t miss out on our recommended reads: Discover Exciting Sports Events Across Tokyo – Get Tickets for Sumo Wrestling Matches, Thrilling Baseball Games & More.

Exciting Sports Playground at Odaiba Divercity

Spo-cha is a fantastic place in the remarkable Divercity Building, where you can have a blast with more than 20 sports games. You’ll need to pay an entrance fee based on when and how long you stay, but once inside, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the thrilling activities they offer. From bubble soccer and mini-bowling to table tennis and riding fancy Segways, there’s something for everyone who wants an active and fun time. Prices start from just ¥1.840 (adults) or ¥1.650 (students).

Witness Sumo Wrestling Morning Practice at Arashio Stable

Join us for an amazing experience watching sumo wrestlers train in the morning. Our Tokyo Sumo Morning Practice Tour will give you a chance to see Japan’s national sport up close and personal.

To visit the sumo stable, we’ll provide knowledgeable guides who are required according to tradition. It’s important that all visitors follow the house rules during their time observing these impressive athletes’ training sessions.

Get ready for an awe-inspiring sight as you watch mighty wrestlers just a few feet away from you. They’ll be showing off their incredible skills with passion during their daily workout routine. This intimate encounter is not something you want to miss.

Don’t let this unique and thrilling opportunity slip away—join our esteemed Tokyo Sumo Morning Practice Tour at Arashio Stable now.

Indoor Batting Facilities in Tokyo

Experience the excitement of baseball at indoor batting facilities in Tokyo. These places provide a fun and thrilling environment where you can let loose and enjoy some exciting moments. There are various options for indoor batting cages located throughout the city that you can explore.

At these facilities, you have the chance to customize your experience by choosing from different pitching speeds that suit your skill level. Challenge yourself as you aim for home runs while facing change-ups, curves, and sliders.

In addition to the thrill of baseball, Tokyo also offers unparalleled shopping opportunities within its vibrant landscape.

Shopping in Tokyo: A Guide for Bargain Hunters

Tokyo is an awesome place to go shopping. There are all kinds of stores here, from big international brands to small local shops with unique stuff. Even when it’s raining, you can still have a great time shopping because there are lots of malls where you can stay dry and shop till you drop.

One cool mall to check out is Lalaport – they’ve got several locations around the city. Another option is Sunshine City, which is a busy mall in Ikebukuro. And if you want something really fancy, Yaesu Shopping Mall at Tokyo Station has 180 different shops.

If trendy clothes are your thing, don’t miss Shibuya109. It’s super popular with young Japanese people who love pop-culture fashion.

But wait. If you wanna get some amazing deals on both Japanese and international brands, make sure to visit the outlet malls just outside of Tokyo. You’ll save money while satisfying your fashion cravings.

Now let’s say it’s one of those drizzly days when staying indoors sounds better than going outside… In that case, Kappabashi Kitchen Street is perfect for a leisurely stroll under cover from the rain while looking for bargains.
You won’t believe what kind of things they sell there. They have cheap souvenirs like pottery items and knives as well as tasty-looking pretend food that looks so real but isn’t actually edible.

Oh yeah – One more important tip. When visiting as an international tourist,
don’t forget about tax-free shopping options — depending on certain circumstances,
you might be able to buy stuff without paying taxes.

Tokyo Trip Checklist

  • To make sure you have all the important things covered see my first-time-in-Tokyo guide
  • Get your 1,2 or 3-day Tokyo Unlimited Subway Pass to easily get around Tokyo
  • If you want to travel on bullet trains you can save big with a Japan Rail Pass. Here’s why is worth it.
  • You’ll need a prepaid sim or Portable WIFI to stay connected in Tokyo.
  • Check out my detailed Tokyo packing list to make sure you’re prepared.
  • The best site to book hotels in Tokyo is almost always Booking.com. And remember to book early, especially during busy times.
  • For travel insurance (which you need) Word Nomads offer great coverage in Japan and are highly recommended.

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