Shibuya Tokyo – Shopping, Nightlife, Karaoke, Fashion And Love Hotels

Shibuya Tokyo: Things To Do, Hotels, Shopping, Nightlife, Karaoke.
Think futuristic, fast and sparkling – neon signs and the latest and most extreme Tokyo fashion trends. Karaoke clubs that are full all night, and lively pachinko parlors.

Things To Do

Hachiko statue (just outside Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station). A favorite meeting point for Japanese youth. Hanging around Hachiko statue gives you an excellent people-watching spot.The statue is of a legendary dog that kept devotedly waiting for his master to come home from work by the station many years after the master had passed away.

When Hachiko the dog died, he was given a respectful funeral and a statue.

Tokyo’s times square – The huge crosswalk in front of Hachiko statue, surrounded by glittering neon signs. During rush hours it’s an incredible sight to see thousands of pedestrians cross the street at once. It’s best to watch this organized chaos from the second-floor window of Starbucks, overlooking the crossing. This is definitely one of the most amazing things to do in Tokyo. Not to be missed!
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Japanese Cosplay on Sundays in Harajuku, 10 min walk from here.
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Love Hotels Hill – How Do You Recognize A Japanese Love Hotel? Think tacky and loud. Bright-lit neon signs with funny names, usually inspired by western love movies. Faux castle exteriors…Amenities typically include plenty of mirrors, large TVs with Karaoke and big bathtubs. Some of these hotels are themed and may come with costumes.

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Shibuya 109 – a big shiny mall with more than 100 fashion boutiques which is hugely popular among Japanese teenage girls.

Fantastic Department stores – like the huge Parco, Seibu and Tokyu Hands, with reasonable prices comparing to Ginza or Omotesando areas.

Fashion boutiques in the small alleys and sloping streets of the area.

Music shopping there’s no better place to explore Japanese pop and hip-hop than here. There are numerous record stores in the area, but start at one of the big stores like Tower (the biggest in the world) or HMV.
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Nightlife – Clubs And Bars

La Fabrique (16-9 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku). Parisian interior, with heavy red curtains and gilded mirrors.

Womb (2-16 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku). Probably the Most famous of Tokyo clubs.

Karaoke – Thanks to the movie ‘lost in translation’ by Sofia Coppola everyone knows Karaoke now.There are a few options – a Karaoke bar, that’s where you sing in front of the whole crowd. The other option is a Karaoke box which is a private room you rent with your friends. The room is equipped with English and Japanese songs, microphones and a karaoke system.Karaoke – Japanese style – is the ultimate Tokyo nightlife experience. An unforgettable fun evening. It’s mad and it’s hilarious. You can find Karaoke Bars all over the area.

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Esaki (B1 Hills Aoyama Bldg, 3-39-9 Jingumae). This three-star Japanese restaurant is one of the best priced Michelin-rated eateries in Tokyo because it is open for lunch. The easiest way to try some of the Michelin restaurants without breaking the bank is to visit for lunch.

Ukai-Tei (Fifth Floor, 5-10-1 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). One of the best Tepanyaki restaurants in Tokyo, with antique interiors. The Tepanyaki chef prepares everything in front of your eyes. The 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide awarded them one star.

Maison Paul Bocuse (Daikanyama Forum B1F17-16 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku). A Michelin recommended French restaurant.

Coucagno (Sakuragaokacho 26-1, Cerulean Tower Hotel 40F). A French restaurant with amazing views of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba from the 40th floor.
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Shibuya Hotels

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel-from $370

The airport bus stops right at this hotel’s door step, so it’s practically a ‘door to door’ service. No carrying suitcases around. Your luggage is put on the bus, and off the bus straight to the hands of the hotel employees. Like many Tokyo hotels, this hotel is on the higher floors of an office building, so the views from the rooms are spectacular. Ask for rooms with Mt Fuji views. Great views from the Bar at the top of the hotel too.

The location is perfect – few minutes walk from the subway station which has lines to pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.

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Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu-from $250

The Narita limousine bus stops straight at the hotel. The hotel is connected underground to the Subway station, and a walk away from restaurants, fast food chains, department stores, Karaoke bars and clubs.Striking views from the hotel’s restaurant not only over the famous Shibuya crossing, but also night views of Shinjuku. On clear days Mt Fuji can be seen too.

The elevators are see-through and they look down on the famous crossing.

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Shibuya is connected to all popular places to visit in Tokyo with the famous Yamanote Line and many other lines too.
Shinjuku, Harujuku and Yoyogi Park are just minutes away by foot.

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