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Harajuku Gothic Fashion comes to life every Sunday in the wonderful district of Harajuku, Tokyo.
Harajuku girls dress up in Harajuku Gothic fashion and pose to the cameras of professional photographers, Magazines editors, and Tourists.

Japanese Cosplay, Harajuku Fashion, And Cosplay Outfits

Harajuku Cosplay

This unique Japanese sub-culture of Cosplay has originated in Tokyo and has its special Gathering places for Cosplay followers.

This takes place on Jingu Bridge (a pedestrian bridge that connects the area to Meiji Jingu shrine).

Tokyo teens who have dressed up in Harajuku style are just hanging out with friends, hoping their picture will be taken by one of the many magazine photographers in the crowd.

It is very amusing to see how rebellious Tokyo teens dressed in Harajuku clothes meet tradition as represented by women wearing kimonos hurrying to the nearby Meiji Jingu shrine.

Harajuku Fashion Style


Harajuku fashion was created in Tokyo and evolved into a global pop culture phenomenon. You may have heard of it in one of its different names – Japanese Schoolgirl fashion, Tokyo pop culture and Tokyo pop princess.

‘Harajuku Girls’ is also the title of Gwen Stefani’s 2004 album. The reference to Tokyo street fashion helped draw attention to Harajuku Gothic fashion.

You may also remember the deadly schoolgirl In the movie ‘Kill Bill’, which created global recognition for ‘Japanese Schoolgirl fashion’.

Tokyo street fashion turned Tokyo into a fashion capital. Tokyo fashion is well known in the world.

It’s no wonder that Tokyo fashion designers and international designers look to Tokyo street fashion for fresh inspiration. They closely watch Harajuku style and subcultures. The Tokyo street fashion caused a cultural revolution, inspiring a new generation of designers all over the world.

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The Secrets Of Harajuku Gothic Fashion

Japanese culture traditionally used to put a great emphasis on simplicity. But during the last 30-40 years Tokyo has become a very consumer-oriented city. Japanese Youth culture with its Harajuku Clothing is a protest against the cultural change in Japanese society. These creative Harajuku girls & boys have created their own individual styles.

Harajuku girls are borrowing elements from traditional Japanese clothing like the Kimono, Obi (belt), and Geta sandals, and combining them with handmade, secondhand clothes. Now that’s creativity.

Nowadays each ‘Harajuku clothing look’ has its own avant-garde designers and brands, but some Cosplay girls still sew on the little details that make their outfit stand out.

In Tokyo office workers wear ‘the uniform’ (grey or black suit and a tie) which leaves no space for creativity and Individuality. So these Cosplay outfits and styles as a kind of escape from the dreary future lying ahead.


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