Harajuku Girls: Sweet Lolitas, Punk Lolitas, Ganguro and Kogal.

The 6 Styles Of Harajuku Gothic Fashion.


An Insider’s Guide to the different Harajuku clothes subcultures.

Harajuku Gothic fashion Lolita

Visual Kei Style Harajuku

A Lolita with a heavy influence from Victorian Goth style. Gothic Lolita (also called Goth-Lolita or Gothloli) usually wears dark colors. It’s a hard-to-digest, eclectic mix of cute and punk, with miniskirts, ribbons and lace trims, boots, skull-motif accessories, and stud belts !!

Gothic Lolita outfits are sometimes accessorized with Teddy bears made out of black leather or PVC,

Sweet Lolita

Cosplay Japan Harajuku Girl Sweet Lolita

That’s a childlike version, mostly characterized by pastel colors and fairy tale themes. They look like porcelain dolls. Hello, Kitty is also a big inspiration. This look is accessorized by head bows, cute purses, pink lace parasols, and stuffed animals. Outfits are accessorized with plastic toys that clink together to add an acoustic dimension.

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Punk Lolita

A mix of Punk into Lolita.

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Ganguro Style

The Ganguro Harajuku style has a typical look – brightly colored outfits, mini-skirts, bleached hair, fake tan, fake eyelashes, and platform shoes.

Some of the girls are so dark and orange that it is hard to see their features, so they highlight their noses and cheekbones with silver or white makeup.

Kogal Harajuku Girl

Very similar to Ganguro, but not to be confused with it. The Kogal Harajuku Girl is more influenced by American fashion. They try to transform themselves into the American look.

Visual Kei


Visual Kei Harajuku

A style is very popular within the entertainment field in Japan. This style deliberately creates an androgynous look. It consists of striking makeup, eccentric hair colors, and loud outfits.

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Harajuku Cosplay: How Far Do They Go?


Harajuku Cosplay comes from dressing like Japanese Manga, Anime, and video games characters. Most Tokyo teens consider their Harajuku clothing as Victorian children or baby dolls and perceive themselves as cute rather than sexy.

Harajuku Gothic fashion is promoted in Japanese and international magazines such as Kera, Tune, Gothic & Lolita Bible, and Fruits.

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