Harajuku Fashion is unique and refreshing. Designers from all over the world are coming to Tokyo to watch the latest trends.


How do trendy Tokyo teens put together lace, stud belts, teddy bears and PVC to make a costume like no other?

Can anyone become a Cosplay Girl?

Harajuku Fashion and Cosplay outfits are generic names for the many groups and styles of this great Japanese sub-culture. The Harajuku gothic fashion started as Harajuku girls subculture sometime around the end of the nineties. It’s probably one of the most unique things to do in Tokyo.

Cosplay comes from the words costume + play.


Cosplay outfits are amusing but also create deep admiration for the careful planning and detailed work put into these Harajuku clothing.
Followers of Japanese comics and animation- Manga and Anime – create costumes like their favorite characters.

Japan Cosplay has 3 main Gathering places for Cosplay followers.

The Secrets Behind Harajuku Fashion


Gothic Lolita (also called Goth-Lolita or Gothloli) is a sub-category of cosplay. The name comes from Lolita + Gothic.
It’s a hard-to-digest, eclectic mix of cute and punk, with miniskirts, ribbons and lace trims, boots, skull-motif accessories, and stud belts !!

The Japanese Cosplay Gothic Fashion is sometimes accessorized with Teddy bears made out of black leather or PVC.

Harajuku Cosplay: What’s It’s All About


Most Cosplayers consider their Harajuku clothes as Victorian children or baby dolls and perceive themselves as cute rather than sexy.

An Album And A Fashion Line Named Harajuku By Gwen Stefani

‘Harajuku Girls’ is also the title of Gwen Stefani’s 2004 album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The girls were originally hired as backup dancers for Gwen Steffani’s album.

The reference to Japanese Cosplay helped draw attention to those lovely creative Tokyo girls. Stefani also has a Gwen girl clothing line, Gwen Stefani handbags, and a series of L.A.M.B perfumes.

Where Is The Best Place To See Harajuku Fashion?

The Best place to watch Harajuku Gothic Fashion is next to Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park, not far from Shibuya. That’s where Cosplayers come on Sundays, secretly hoping to be photographed by one of the many professional photographers looking for Harajuku photos.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Harajuku Fashion?

The Marui Young department store in Shinjuku is the shop Harajuku fans and Japanese Youth culture love.

This department store has four floors entirely devoted to Cosplay clothing and Cosplay costumes.

There’s also Harajuku Gothic Fashion magazines and books like the magazine ‘Gothic & Lolita Bible’ with fashion tips, photos, sewing patterns, and decorating ideas.

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