Japanese Cosplay Outfits

There’s nothing like Japanese Cosplay Outfits: An eclectic mix of cute and punk, with miniskirts, ribbons, lace, skull-motif accessories and stud belts.

Get the inside stories about Japanese youth culture and how Cosplay costumes inspire international fashion designers and celebrities.

Fantastic Japanese Cosplay Secrets

Cosplay is different from Halloween costumes in many ways. It is not limited to a few days of holiday during the year, it happens every Sunday. And the goal of these costumes is to actually become the character. Like an actor plays a role on stage.

The followers even adopt the body language of the character they represent.

The Characters that inspire Japanese Cosplay usually come from Manga, Anime (Japanese comics) video games, and fantasy movies.
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How To Make Cosplay Outfits

Preparing the costumes takes a very large part of a fan’s life, filling their spare time and weekends. Cosplay Girls put a lot of time and effort into creating their costumes. It is their hobby, and each outfit can take months to put together. It starts with a careful study of the character and continues by putting in detailed crafting work. The more details to the costume – the better…

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Some of the followers complete their Cosplay outfits by buying accessories like wigs, plastic weapons, and face paint in a Cosplay store. There are shops in Tokyo that specialize in it.

Tokyo fashion industry and international celebrities are inspired by Tokyo Cosplay. They closely watch Harajuku girls style and subcultures. Harajuku fashion like the Harajuku Gothic Lolita style is worn by popular celebrities, from Gwen Stefani to Jay-Z and Kanye West.

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Where To See Cosplay Girls Fashion And Outfits?

There are some famous gathering places. They come to show off their design and share tips. And of course, they’d like their photo to be taken by the many international Magazine photographers. Every Sunday they create a fantastic parade of colorful Cosplay outfits on Jingu bridge (above Yamanote Line) in Harajuku district.

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Tokyo’s Akihabara district has a large number of Cosplay Cafés, where fans can show off their costumes and exchange ideas.
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Some of the cafés are called Maid Café. In the Maid, Café waitresses wear maid costumes and serve the clients as servants.
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Many Japanese love hotels offer costume rental services like a schoolgirl or a nurse uniform.
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