Japan Cosplay, also known as Gothic Cosplay, Harajuku Girls, and Harajuku Fashion is the No.#1 inspiration for fashion Trends and international designers.



Cosplay comes from ‘costume’ & ‘play’.You may remember the deadly schoolgirl In the movie ‘Kill Bill’, which created a trend for ‘Japanese Schoolgirl fashion’. It’s no wonder that Tokyo fashion designers and international designers look to Tokyo street fashion for fresh inspiration.

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Manga, Anima And Japan Cosplay

Followers create beautifully, one-of-a-kind costumes and accessories to become a specific character from favorite Manga and Anima (Japanese Comics), video games, and fantasy movies. Any creature from the real or virtual world can be given a ‘twist’.There are about 50,000 regular followers in Japan!

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Fans put a lot of work into their costumes. Every Cosplay costume is a unique outfit. The followers make complicated handmade designs by working with lace, leather, PVC and combining ready-made items and their own creations. Each detailed outfit can take months to put together. The more details – the higher the outfit is ranked…There is even an Annual convention…That’s a huge dress-up party!

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Places To See Japan Cosplay

Cosplay Girls and Boys meet in several Tokyo places, to show off their creations and share ideas and Tips. Every Sunday followers meet in Harajuku Jingu Bridge.

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You can also see some of the Best outfits in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. Akihabara has many cafés for devoted Cosplay fans. The waitresses in these cafés dress in costumes as game or anime characters. These cafes are also known as Maid cafes.

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