Japanese Cosplay is Fun, trendy and will give lots of inspiration on how to dress. Visit Harajuku Tokyo on a Sunday to meet Cosplay girls dress like Gothic Lolitas, French Maids, and Hello Kitty.

A Cosplay Girl creates her Cosplay outfits after Gothic Lolitas, famous Manga or Anima characters, or French maids.


Harajuku Fashion & Harajuku Gothic fans are inspiration for Fashion designers and celebrities.

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Japan Cosplay, also known as Harajuku Clothing or Harajuku style, was created in Tokyo, but today it is a very trendy hobby/style. Tokyo street fashion also inspires designers and celebrities to dress up or design a line of clothing following Harajuku style.

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For an Amazing mix of cute and punk, with miniskirts, boots, ribbons, lace trims, skull-motif accessories, and stud belts,
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The obsession with Anime and Manga comics has taken over in Japan. Anime and Manga comics are the Best-Selling magazines.
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Akihabara is the Mecca of Otaku culture – Anime and Manga Cosplay role-playing. No wonder Akihabara – has many Maid cafés where young women dress in French-maid outfits and serve the customers.

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Cosplay Japan Harajuku Girl

The name Cosplay comes from ‘costume’ & ‘play’. Most Cosplay costumes and accessories require some crafting like sewing, stitching, working with hot glue, and a creative spirit to combine it all. Trendy Tokyo teens wear Cosplay costumes to become characters from Manga, Anime, and video games.

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